5 stag party ideas for gamers

Written by Frank Kremer

Although for many a debauched night out on the town or a drunken weekend in Eastern Europe would constitute the perfect stag party, yours can be anything you want it to be. In fact, many stag parties don’t actually involve alcohol and many stag party organisers run an array of alternative activities.


For stags that prefer VR to WKD, and playing Fifa to 5 aside, there are a whole host of activities available. These are six of the best stag party ideas for gamers, whether your stag do includes bonafide experts or beginners.




There are a number of sports-based games you can get involved in at a stag party. Rather than the usual adrenaline inducing activities, such as parachuting, watersports or quad biking, you can enjoy an alternative stag party that doesn’t involve putting down your pint.


Maximise, a prominent organiser of stag do weekends showcases a range of cybersports for stag parties, listing activities for stag parties such as cybergolf and online poker tournaments. There are also Fifa 17 tournament days in pubs up and down the country, where you can harness the  competitiveness of sports without having to leave the pub, or even your seat.




Laser-quest is currently undergoing a phenomenal surge in popularity. Research in the U.S found that the number of laser-quest facilities grew by 69% from 2008 to 2014.


If you want to do an activity that gets your blood pumping, you could swap the game console for the real deal and play some laser-quest. Gearing up in some protective armour, hearing the laser gun fire up, it’s great fun for all.


Laser-quest is a great stag party activity that allows you to enjoy and participate in a combative experience, much like paint-balling, but without potentially risking the groom becoming bruised and battered before the big day.


LAN parties


A LAN party is a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles, between which they establish a local area network and play multiplayer video games. There is no real limit to how few or how many people can head to a LAN party, it could just be you and your mates or it could be something much bigger.


DreamHack is a touring festival and is known as ‘the world’s largest LAN party’. You could even combine a visit to DreamHack with the more traditional stag party experience in Europe. Among other cities, the digital festival heads to Bucharest, Leipzig and Las Vegas.


Alternatively, there are plenty of places and organisations within the UK that host LAN parties.


Rent out arcade games


A great way to take a trip down memory lane with your friends is by playing the games you did as a kid. Amusements rent out classic arcade games, such as Tetris, Space Invaders, Pac-Man and, of course, Mrs Pac-Man, for events.


Arcade Direct are another company that rent out retro arcade games, they offer a number of deals packages perfect for a gamer’s stag parties. Alternatively you can rent out a venue that already has the games there. Although entire arcades might be slightly out of budget, some pubs have gaming rooms for you to enjoy.


Classic board games


If even Pac-Man isn’t old school enough, why not go for a board game instead? Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Risk can be done at home or down at the pub, and may be the perfect solution for men who want a low key stag party.


Board games sound slightly too PG? Diply have published ways to turn classic boards games, including Monopoly and Jenga into drinking games. Alternatively, you could turn your stag party into one big board game. Murder mystery nights are hugely popular as they offer the chance to bring enjoyable childhood board games like Cluedo to life.


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