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6 Tools to Make Your Digital Reading Experience Worthwhile

Written by Frank Kremer

With the emergence of e-books and online learning programs, digital reading is gradually being adopted by everyone including students and tech savvy educators. Apart from the fact that it is less expensive and convenient, students can move around with as many textbooks and educational resources as possible on their iPads, tablets or smartphones. It is a known fact that students can’t do without writing academic papers and are constantly on the lookout for cheap research paper. Getting timely assistance has never been this easier.

Each technological invention comes with its own peculiar limitations, and in this wise, online reading is not left out as it can lead to conditions like information overload and eye strain.Reading in print is quite different from digital reading. It has been established that most people prefer the former naturally. Reading digitally requires mindfulness in order to overcome distractions that are rife on the internet. Any of these tools can be utilized to enhance your digital learning experience.


This digital text to speech tool enables users to listen to their favorite books and engage in other things. iSpeech currently supports around 20 languages and converts documents, articles and web contents to speech. It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices.

2. GoodReader

With this tool, it is convenient to read PDFs, highlight and annotate text. Later on, documents can be shared with others using email. It fully supports MS Office, HTML and TXT format. Importing and exporting files are accomplished using OneDrive, Box or Dropbox.

3. Diigo

There is an option for annotating web pages and PDFs when surfing the web and these materials can be saved in an online library. The app is useful for tagging online resources for easy access. Users have the opportunity to set up multiple libraries based on the topics that interest them. It also organizes references and links through an Outliner. Resources curated are shareable on the Diigo social network or other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

4. iAnnotate

This digital app has over 80 tools that include underline, highlighter and images. It is useful for reading, marking up and sharing PDF, PPT, DOC and images files. The app gives ample room for personalization. Documents are automatically saved and an internet or Wi-Fi connection is not necessary for accessing your files.

5. Feedly

Feedly is among the top RSS readers used worldwide. It is useful for following your favorite websites, podcasts and YouTube channels. Additionally, categories and feeds can be organized to your personal taste. There is a saved for later feature on the app that allows users to save articles for reading anytime.

6. Readism

One unique feature of Readism is that it comes in handy for estimating the time needed to read a particular article online. It is a chrome extension with a small reading indicator at the screen of each web page that you view. The length of time and size of the indicator can be easily customized. When surfing the internet, right clicking on a link offers an option to get the estimated reading time immediately.

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