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Clubs, Leagues, Teams and Groups: Top Tips for Modern Managing and Communicating

Written by Frank Kremer

Managing a sports team or club of any kind can require a lot of skill. You have to deal with a lot of variables and keep everything in track and on balance. The major thing you should be looking for is apps that can assist you in this endeavor. There are a few ways to go about management. For one we’ll look at simulation through types of games and real world applications to then apply to your real life teams for both management and communication.

Simulated Management

The first application we’re going to look at is called Football Manager Touch. It is a new app that can be used on a tablet and offers a swift group of commands. There is a database with a multitude of players and you can work with a three dimensional engine that allows you to tweak training, tactical and other regiments to see how well your team does. Though it may just be a game, it’s a great way to have some downtime while still focusing on your sport.

Competition is the root of all sports and gaming, so you’ll want to see how you stack up against other players throughout the world. One application that can help you do that is through an app called Top Eleven. It is one of your best options you’ll find one either your phone or tablet device.

You’ll be managing your team while developing a lot of other things. It is great because there are other humans out there doing the exact thing and battling you with your wits, management skills and general fortitude.

Real World Applications

Getting your group team together for any kind of sporting events or major game is an important part of the management process. You’ll also need to delegate time for training and other group bonding experiences. One simple app that you can use is a Weather Live, free for Android application. It’s always good to know when to battle the elements or if you’re going to be having practice inside. As the manager and leader of a team it’s about communication so that your team knows if they’re going to be doing the usual round of outside practices or heading inside for some gym practices.

An overall app that has a comprehensive based system to manage your team out in the real world is also something called Team Snap. With this you’ll be able to manage your team from wherever you are in the world. It is a collaborative piece of software that will get you to schedule and keep your team on track for the whole season.

In the digital age, it is important to keep everyone accountable and connected for current and future practices. This way there will be no conversation delay and everyone will be on the same page. It also helps to build up a great group mentality for everyone, including: players, coaches and spectators.

This guest post was written by Jake Barber who is a multi-sports coach and PE teacher. He runs various after school sports clubs and is generally sports mad, playing rugby and football himself on weekends.

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