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How to Create a Great Email Signature – Tips and Tricks

Creating an email signature
Written by Ben Davis

People use numerous different messengers for business communication. Nonetheless, email communication does not lose its positions. It is a reliable way to send huge amounts of information and various media files. Literally every more or less serious company has its corporate email – as well as any businessperson. Therefore, you should focus your attention on making your online face (your emails, in particular) significant and memorable. Have you ever thought of adding an mail signature? If not, we assure you that it’s a great necessity in the modern world! Here is some advice to perfect your online autograph.

  1. Three to five lines are quite enough

All you actually need is your name, job title, a company you represent, phone numbers, and social media links. Talking about social links: watch carefully what you add. LinkedIn and Facebook accounts will be enough while Twitter accounts are often inappropriate for business communication. Overdoing your signature is a really bad idea as it will only irritate instead of drawing attention.

  1. Demonstrate your recent achievement

It’s a good idea to add a landing page link that would depict your recent projects and achievements. In this way, you can popularize (literally: make profitable) services and products. You may also add a link to a blog post or a site that outlines your professional interests. Additional information is a necessary part of the business so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it.

  1. Don’t overstuff your online autograph

This phenomenon is called the Paradox of Choice and it drastically decreaseы the chances that someone would decide to visit any of your social media profiles or even work with you. As it has been mentioned above, three to five lines of crucial information are enough. Leave inspiring quotes and your biography for friends and family.

  1. Images are a necessity

To make your sign-off memorable, you need to add some excitement and brightness, something that would draw attention to the signature. Pictures and logos work great for this purpose. Likewise, you can add your own photo. Just make sure that you look both cheerful professional on it. Admit that, according to recent research, black and white images are less memorable than color ones. In the end, an email signature is your online face. Make sure that colleagues see and remember it.


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