How to Reflect on Your Relationships

Written by Frank Kremer

As we welcome in a New Year, it’s a great time to take a look over what happened during the previous year and think about how our relationships have developed during that time. Doing so can help us think about moving forward and whether we might do things differently in 2017.

Caption: We all have numerous relationships that affect our lives. Credit: Pixabay

The first relationship we tend to think about is the one we have with our partner. But there are all kinds of other connections in our lives – the ones we have with our children, our parents, our wider family members; the dynamics between us and our friends and our colleagues at work. There’s also an important relationship that often gets overlooked – the one we have with ourselves.
Some people find this kind of reflection easy, but others see it as a bit of a challenge. If that sounds more like you, then try asking yourself a number of questions to get started.
• What milestones have you passed during the year? Think about birthdays, anniversaries and deaths.
• When faced with a challenge, who helped you through it?
• Which people have added the most drama to your life? This could be a good or bad thing.
• Who have you helped over the past year?
• What or who has brought you joy?
• What do you see about the person you are that you would like to change?
• Over the past year, who made a difference in your life?

For most people, this will be a solo activity, maybe in the form of a journal entry. Another way you could take stock of your various relationships is with the help of a third party. Talking to a close friend and sharing the experience might be the way you approach this exercise. However, be aware that your analysis of the past year may not be totally candid because you might feel judged by the person you do it with.

“Journal Challenge – Day 02” (CC BY 2.0) by hopes_unbroken

A medium reading is an alternative way to look at your year and as the spiritual medium is not personally connected to you, you can gain an unbiased view on your life and relationships. The insights the reader provides may help you understand how different life events have unfolded in your past, and how your approach may alter what happens to you in the coming year. It’s easy to arrange  medium readings at TheCircle and these can be carried out online or over the phone, so it’s something that can be done at a time that’s convenient to you. Mediums use their links to the spirit world and act as interpreters between that world and the world of the living, so before a reading, you may want to think about the deceased who are important to you and who you want to connect with or seek advice from.

However you approach it, in the process of looking back over your year, you’ll get a good sense of how other people fit into your life. You’ll perceive who has a positive effect on you and who might be a negative influence. That doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily drop those who don’t benefit your own self-development, or those who take more from you than they give back, but it does give you a chance to put everything into perspective as the New Year begins. Try out reviewing your previous year. Perhaps you’ll act differently in 2017, based on what you discover about yourself and the people who share your life.

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