Signs Your Girlfriend Is Mad at You

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Written by Ben Davis

If you’ve been in a relationship with a girl for a while, you are supposed to read her mind and understand without words. This is what women expect from their men. Experienced couples know each other very well and can spot even the slightest change in the other partner’s mood and behavior. The reasons why a woman can get angry with you are numerous. But what is tricky about their resentment is that they don’t voice it. They begin to act in a mysterious way, which makes men rack their brains over a sudden change in their behavior. Sometimes, men can’t understand whether something is wrong or a woman really means it saying “I’m fine”. Below are some clear signs that she is upset. Got this information from Vip Brides!

She doesn’t initiate contact. When a woman is angry, she thinks that the best revenge is to stop communicating. That is why if your woman doesn’t call, text, or email you, she has a grudge against you. Obviously, you should make the first move to show you’re worried.

She is sparing of words. Women are considered to be more talkative than men. If they communicate over text, they give long detailed answers the same as during a real-life conversation. If you read your correspondence and see that her responses have become short and dry, she’s not in the mood and there is the reason for it.

Minutes or hours go by before she replies. If she always has her phone in her hands but today she keeps ignoring your messages, maybe her battery is dead and you shouldn’t overreact. But if you text her and don’t get a reply, then you text again in an hour, and your message is met with silence, call her to check if her phone is OK. If she doesn’t pick up the phone but sends a very concise message in the evening, she does that out of courtesy. She’s upset – that’s for sure.

She shuts you up briefly. Women like to talk and they appreciate when a man starts a conversation. If you want to engage her in a dialog but she avoids keeping the ball rolling, she is either tired or upset. If the reason for her non-talkative mood is tiredness, just be considerate and leave her alone. But if it continues for two days, she is obviously shutting herself away from you. Be wary of this kind of behavior.

She calls you exclusively by your name. Another sign that your girlfriend is mad at you is that she doesn’t use pet names. She addresses you only by your first name and stops using such words as “sweetheart” or “babe”. When a woman is angry at you, she can’t be tender towards you so she bans herself from a sweet voice and any manifestation of tenderness.

She gets physically distant. Touching and hugging are extremely important for women. This is their way of expressing affection. A slight physical contact is considered highly intimate by women. If you notice that your woman hasn’t petted your back or wrapped her hands around your neck for more than a day, she has her reasons to keep the distance.

She becomes indifferent. One of the signs of her resentment is her ignoring your interests and preferences. If she prepares light breakfast while she perfectly knows that you can’t imagine your breakfast without meat, she doesn’t give a thing to your food preferences at the moment because she is mad at you. The explanation is the same if she starts watching her favorite TV show you hate and she doesn’t react when you enter the room.

She makes a mountain out of a molehill. Since she is mad at you and she keeps her feeling to herself, sooner or later she’ll try to reveal what’s inside her. She’ll get irritated by minor things such as scattered socks or the unwashed cup because they only stir up her initial anger. If you notice that your girlfriend nags you about small things that haven’t previously annoyed her, she is a mad at you on a deeper level. Try to figure it out.

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