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How to Spot a Good SEO Company

Written by Frank Kremer

Even if you know a lot about search engine optimization (SEO), you may still have to enlist a professional search engine optimization company. Having knowledge simply isn’t enough to get a good ranking anymore. Not in the least, this is because getting your website fully optimized – and keeping it optimized – is a full time job. SEO is not something you do once, it is a continuous process. Luckily, there are professionals out there ready to help and, while they cost money, they should give you a full return on investment – if they are good. So what makes an SEO company good?

  1. Their SEO Technique

You must ask about the SEO strategies the company intends to use. Black hat methods, including spam, can get you to the first page of Google overnight, but it will also get you penalized just as quickly, and maybe even barred from the search engine completely. A good company will not use any deceitful strategies, although few will admit if they do. This is why you need to know yourself what black hat strategies are.

  1. How They Get Targeted Traffic

Next, you need to make sure that the company you want to work with understands the difference between targeted and plain traffic. Traffic is the be all and end all of your website, but you have to make sure that the traffic that does come is from people who are actually interested in you. Leads like that should be generated through relevant keywords. If your traffic is irrelevant, your bounce rates will increase, and your sales and visibility will decrease. A good SEO company will create relevant content on lots of channels and also complete press releases to announce various things about your business.

  1. They Should Be Transparent in Their Actions

A good company will be very clear about what they aim to do, when, how, and why. Additionally, they should be able to report back to you frequently about what they have done and what the results have been. This will show you whether you are getting the return on investment you had expected. Their reports should include how much content was written, where it was distributed, what social media actions were employed, how many press releases were submitted, how many backlinks you generated, and so on.

  1. They Should Provide Clear Reports

Next, there should be a clear reporting system that shows not just how the campaign has progressed, but also how your ranking has changed. Usually, this report is provided quarterly, although you can ask for monthly reports at the start of your campaign. You can expect both text and graphics on this report.

  1. They Should Guarantee Their Performance


This is a tricky one. A good SEO company will offer you a guarantee of sorts so that you know what to expect. However, there are certain things they simply cannot guarantee, such as you ranking on the first page of Google, your rankings increasing in a certain period of time, or your rankings increasing by a certain percentage. They have no control over what are others are doing, so these are guarantees they simply cannot make. They can, however, say they will strive to achieve a certain increase in traffic by a certain amount of time, and offer you money back if they don’t manage that. This will show you that they will truly work their hardest, and that you have nothing to lose.


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