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New Years Eve Party: Maybe 2015 will be better

New Years Eve at The Compound 2015
Written by Michael Davies

This is the 9th year in a row this party is being held and it only gets better and better each year! Thousands of people! The best Arizona artists will have their work on display, including many artists from NY, CA and other many other places! So much amazing live music! Lots of bonfires and fun drinks!

If you want to be a horrible person, and bring in the new year int he worst possible way, there is always Mill Ave right down the block where you can spend $100 to get in, $35 to get into a bar, $15 for a Bud Light, and hang out with lots of douchbags with popped collars. OR, you can attend something amazing, something that is filled with such positive vibes, creativity, comedy, no fights, no drama, all love and only $10 to get in! Hope to see you there!

JJ Horner - Maybe 2015 will be better New Years Eve Party

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