The Real Reason Canvas Paintings Can Add Dimension to Any Space

Written by Frank Kremer

When you decide that you want to use visual art to aid in finishing off your interior spaces, you have a choice of many different mediums and textures. Traditional prints can be created on stock board or thick vellum paper. There are also traditional Fine Art America canvas prints which look different than what you see typically listed for sale as the texture of the canvas truly comes through. This is because canvas provides a porously textured medium in which pigments are printed and layered onto. No matter which one you get, no two canvases will ever be totally alike. So, when you have a choice of painting prints to bring into your home, seek out canvas if you are looking for originality.

Oversized Canvas Prints

The most outwardly mundane image can become larger than life when it is produced on an oversized scale. Sometimes referred to as ‘sofa art,’ these pieces are generally several feet high and many feet wide. You might need some assistance even just getting them hung up and centered on your walls as these cumbersome prints are truly epic in size. While standing just in front of them, you will have to turn your head back and forth to take in all of the details. While looking from a distance, the real intention of the artist will become apparent as oversized printed canvases have lots of unique details to look at and ponder.

Oil Painting Canvas Prints

Oil is one of the most versatile paint mediums on the planet, and as such, replicating them accurately takes a lot of skill. Original oil paintings take as much as a week to dry completely as the thick layers of paint require just the right amount of air flow to get to all of the crevices. Traditional Fine Art America canvas prints that replicate images made with oil paint are much more tedious to create than original artworks made with watercolor or gauche.

Choosing the Perfect Finish

Many artists complete the last brush stroke on their paintings and vow that their work is done. Others will shellac, treat, coat and add varnish to their completed images, in an effort to create a picture perfect finish. Paintings can have a high shine finish that adds a surreal feeling, or use tinted hues to create various moods. You may not know what type of finish you want the canvas paintings in your home to have, so it is perfectly fine to browse different types of paintings until you are familiar with the most popular types.

You can put up a series of canvas prints that tell a sequential story, or just choose one great, big painting that takes up nearly an entire wall. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to personally selecting the kind of art you want in your home. What you do choose should be a reflection of your thoughts and feelings, make you feel happy when you look at it, and help to tie the theme together in each room.

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