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Reporting on all things fun and exciting! Michael Davies has won many awards including a Peabody and Pulitzer Prize, but says his proudest achievement in life is his 8-year-old girl named Heather.

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  • I am concerned for the people who still believe and support the Vatican. The majority of priests for years and years! We’re mentally, physically , and sexually abusing young children. This had been going on for a shocking period of time before it was was exposed. Why? Because the gov and the pope, the bishops and all the other apostates ignored it and covered it up probably because they are also guilty of these unforgivable crimes. Truth always comes out..more and more is being revealed.My question is…why do we accept this? They are not men of God ..they are the complete opposite. What exactly have they done for the world? Apart from ruining these children’s lives , who grow up to be messed up depressed adults. The world is poor but the churches and the Vatican are covered in gold. It’s sad how people still kiss their feet and support these hypocrites…they at just as bad as the extremists. The sad conclusion is..all this mess of the world boils down to one ugly thing..greed. There are to many religions and I don’t see anything spiritual or holy, I see chaos and hatred. Defeats the object really.

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