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5 Important Things to Note When Considering Self-Publishing

Self Publishing
Written by Ben Davis

Authors all over the world from the top writers to the amateur ones are now delving into self-publishing with the way that everything is going digital. It is easier and cheaper compared to the traditional method and you are in charge of all the aspects. Generally, a greater percentage of those who go for this option produce e-books mainly because there is a higher demand for it than real books. You can easily get affordable and high quality content writing service at Whether you are planning to publish that short story or a novel on your own, use the following tips as guidelines.

• Build your audience
You will need an audience except you are writing for your family and close friends. The competition out there is fierce, but you don’t have to break a sweat once you’ve done your homework and the book is of high quality. You can even use the competition to your advantage by networking with other authors and learning a thing or two from them. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are the best way to amass followers nowadays and promote your work without spending a dime. Self-publishing involves marketing your books and once you are influential on social media, it will be easier to handle that.

• Teamwork
For the mere fact that you can control all the aspects of publishing, a reliable and effective team is essential. Truth be told, it’s impossible to do everything on your own. Leave the ones you can’t handle to the members of your team who are experts in those areas. After you have finished writing and editing on your own, try hiring an editor or proofreader. If designing a book cover isn’t your thing, you can enlist the services of a seasoned designer. With the internet, an affordable virtual team can be put together in no time.

• Choose a title
Most people that buy books are first attracted by the title. It should be catchy and convincing enough to arouse interest. To go with the best title, you can come up with as many titles as possible and share it with those you trust. Their feedback will assist in making the final decision regarding the title.

• Add value
No one is interested in spending money on books that won’t add value to their lives. If it doesn’t add any value, no matter how small, then it’s not worth the effort in the first place. Successful self-publishers have understood how the whole process works and always put in their best effort. This makes their books to stand out from the crappy ones.

• Join a self-publishing community
Communities like this are easy to find or join and members can use them without paying a fee. They offer support to each other, evaluate their works and give feedback regularly. Participating actively in a self-publishing community especially online boosts a writer visibility and expands network.

Don’t be in a hurry to publish your book right away. In some instances, self-publishing won’t be the best option. You can consult professionals, other writers or friends before deciding on whether to go for it or not.

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