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Reading is one the healthiest habits that can be adopted by human and it is said to be the best friend who will never you at any point of time. There is a segment of people who loves to read and this crosses the boundaries and spreads all over the world. Books are being sold every day. The yester years are the glaring example that shows that the publishers had a tough time in supplying books to the customers since this was the only platform which was available to sell books. However with the advancement of technologies now books can be sold out online.

What are the steps which are followed in the selling of books online?

Step 1: Before selling you need to identify the medium or a site which accepts or buys books from the writers. After you have identified the site through which you are going to sell out the books you need to send them a list which you are going to sell. This can include the book that is written by you and also the ones which are there with you stacked and you did you know what to do with them.

Step 2: The second thing that you need to do is sent the barcodes on the last best cover at the lower right hand side. Send each one of them to them. After you send them they are going to give a quote for all the books and if you agree with them, all that is need to be done is packing them all and then send it over to them absolutely free of cost. The one accepting the books can be

Step 3: They check out the books and arrange to pay you the very next day. However the disbursement of payment can be different from each other. This you must find out from them at the time you are talking to them to check out with the process.

That is all you need to do. Now your rack is empty and you can by all the new collections of your favorite authors and stack them in the rack according to your choice.

What to do if you want to sell your books online?

The steps would be the same, however if you do not need any publisher then you can get them printed all on your own and follow the process of selecting the site through which you want to sell them. Once you have to send the name and the number of books you want to sell, they are going to send you a quote and you if you think it is not ok, try and negotiate it with them and once you are through with the process of negotiation, you pack up all the books and send them across the address that you are provided with. Once they receive it they are going to check the number and the barcodes which you have got to send them and then all you need to do is to get the payment from them. This also varies so check it out properly before you send the books. That is all that you need to do to sell your books online.


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