Election 2016: The Results Are in and Schools Found Lacking

Written by Frank Kremer

Long before the presidential debates even began, when it became known that the candidates would be Trump vs Clinton, a huge line of demarcation began to form in the nation, the likes of which had never before been seen in a presidential race. This was the time that teachers should have begun working with their students, teaching them all about what a presidential campaign is and what it was supposed to accomplish. Instead, several analysts found that teachers were using the classroom as a platform for their own political bias. Many, if not most, schools were found lacking.

Two National Figures Set Out to Answer the Question of Ethics in the Classroom

In a recent book written by co-authors Diana E. Hess and Paula McAvoy, the discussion presented in regards to how teachers are infusing lessons with their own biases and how this deters students from thinking for themselves. This is what we call critical thinking and it was supposed to be a major focus in all secondary and post-secondary education. However, teachers have been found wanting and in their book, The Political Classroom: Evidence and Ethics in Democratic Education, the authors set out to detail how, as a nation, we have fallen far short of the mark.

Post-Election Observations Could Be an Addendum to the Book!

Some universities offering a higher education leadership degree do have professors that are truly unbiased in their methodology. While they may have their own personal biases, they work hard to keep them out of their lectures because they know the importance of critical thinking in an online EDD program. This type of professor is vital in training educators to impart knowledge, not biases of any kind. Altogether too often teachers have gotten away with pushing politics, religion and even ethics on their students.

Instead, shouldn’t they be offering a good assortment of opposing views? Isn’t this the way to teach critical thinking? Shouldn’t students be given every side to a story before being asked to go out into the world to make a difference? Unless they are trained in unbiased critical thinking there is nothing being taught other than a rote recitation of what the professor thinks, feels and believes – socialism at its worst!

Ladies – A Job Well Done

There are only some things which can be taught as facts, and even then there are some who will question those facts. That’s what critical thinking is all about and that is the kind of student who will go out into the world and make a difference. If everyone goes out with a like mindset of political and moral beliefs in place, it would be virtually impossible to make a difference as everyone would be thinking and acting alike. These two ladies seemed to have hit the nail on the head in their book that won the American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Book Award for 2016.

No matter what your personal biases are, the classroom is not a platform for your personal agenda. As an educator you are tasked with offering students options and then allowing them the freedom to make their own choices. Failing that, you are failing your students and have no place in education – plain and simple.

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