Obama Tweets Series of 50 Cent Lyrics At Putin After Russian Bombers Attack US Base

Last month Russian forces bombed a secret CIA linked military base in Syria causing an increase in tension on an already strained relationship. The base has been used in the recent conflict by both American and British troops. According to our associates at Fox News there were no casualties and senior U.S. officials in the Department of State are trying to reach a compromise. However, President Obama has decided to take a different route. After years of tense and largely unsuccessful negotiations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Obama has recently started tweeting gangster rap lyrics directed at Putin. Most of the lyrics have been written by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

obama 50 cent 2

The majority of the tweets are confrontational in tone. In one President Obama alleges that “Putin aint never had a hot gun on his waist and blood on his shoe” (sic).

obama 50 cent 5obama 50 cent 3

This is a notable difference in personality than what we have become accustomed to from the soft spoken Obama administration.

Though this strategy may seem unconventional, many have praised President Obama’s direct attitude towards renowned tough guy Vladimir Putin.

“This is really great for our country’s image,” said Samuel Brock a high level aide in the Obama Administration. “People need to see a strong, hard image projected from our leaders and I believe this accomplishes that.”

obama 50 cent 4


Putin has yet to make any sort of official response, but cabinet members close to the Russian leader said he was last seen oiling a pair of 18th century dueling pistols.

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