How to become a Project Manager

Written by Frank Kremer


A Project Manager has always been a role that offers a wide range of variety and also pays well. Many people go into project management so that they can build up expertise in a number of areas and move between new projects frequently.

According to research by, general project managers can expect to get a salary of at least $70,000. IT project managers are in even greater demand and can command a salary of closer to $85,000, so you can see there are great opportunities in these types of roles to get a good salary.

The project management career outlook looks very positive, as these skills needed in all businesses. If you specialize in IT project management, then you will be required for jobs such as managing the introduction of new technology systems, or you will be managing the technology requirements that support a process change.

Technology requirements in businesses change at such a rapid pace that there is a frequent need for project managers to deliver the changes. Some businesses are fully reliant on the success of a particular project, and therefore the project manager role is of huge importance. Imagine if the success of a bank was dependent on the integration of a new system. If it works well, the company goes on to turn over a good profit, if it goes badly then poor financial decision have occurred, and the business can no longer operate at a profit.

Not all project management roles are at that level; there are varying degrees of responsibility for small projects that may improve how one team operates, to a business-wide project for a global company. Project managers will start off working on smaller projects and then build up their experience and reputation before moving onto larger projects, but this isn’t the pathway that everyone takes.

To get into project management, it certainly helps to have a recognized qualification such as an MBA with a focus on project management. There are many different universities that offer this course, and you can even study it online if you are looking to stay in work or looking for a flexible way of studying.

As well as offering variety and a good salary, a recent report showed that the following are the main reasons that people choose to go into project management:

  • The opportunity to keep learning and to develop.
  • To help the company that they work for to be more successful.
  • You will gain respect from your colleagues.
  • You can help other people to develop vital business skills.
  • To develop skills sought after such as stakeholder management.
  • Get satisfaction from fixing problems.

If these are the kind of skills and benefits that you would like to develop then you should take a look at the next steps you need to take to pursue this career choice. The outlook is definitely good in the medium term for project management roles.

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