How to Choose Refrigerator for Your Business

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Written by Ben Davis

Whether your brand is a supermarket, grocery store, bakery, hotel or restaurant, commercial refrigerators are must haves. They are durable, can reach very low temperatureand are usually larger than domestic fridges. Purchasing the right refrigerator is critical to the success of most businesses. Food and drinks must be kept freshly intact at all times under low temperature. Selecting the right refrigerator for your business can be a really daunting task due to the fact that there are many manufacturers out there. The following tips are useful when choosing a refrigerator for your business.

Know more about different manufacturers

Top brands all over the world are constantly churning out sophisticated refrigerators. The truth is that a great number of these products are niche specific and some manufacturers are not concerned with producing quality products at all. You can check their websites or contact them regarding the different types of commercial refrigerators. The most important thing is to contact only reputable suppliers for a refrigerator that will meet all your business needs.

Check whether warranties are available

At one time or the other, the need to service a refrigerator will arise. Before settling for any manufacturer, take a look at their services and warranties. Most of the trusted suppliers often offer up to 3 years of warranties including labor and part. In addition, they can also deliver, install and perform maintenance checks for clients.

Optimize your space

Commercial refrigerators come in different sizes and shapes. the space of your kitchen or any other area that the refrigerator will be installed can be measured. This will be helpful when purchasing it. The bottom line is to choose the one that is suitable for the available space and there will still be extra space. In case your kitchen has a limited space, Commercial undercounter refrigerator is the best option. Other factors to keep in mind include the quantity of stored products and the duration of time that they will be stored. Make sure that the location won’t hinder closing or opening the door. It should also be easily accessible for staffs, stock taking and customers if necessary.

Consider your budget

A brand’s budget greatly influences the type of commercial refrigerator that will be purchased. It’s advisable to stay away from the one that is too large as this will only lead to a waste of money. Remember to include the cost of Refrigerated equipment stands in your budget too. Go for a refrigerator that fits your budget so that you can be able to invest in other important things.

Condenser location

The condensing unit of a refrigerator plays a huge role in keeping the food and drinks cold. The two main types of configurations are bottom-mount and top-mount configuration. The former is much easier to clean and maintain, stored products can be accessed with ease and there is lower strain on the unit during hotter conditions. On the other hand, the latter rarely trap dust or debris and doesn’t allow hot air to blow into the unit when doors are opened. Understand how each type works before making any purchase.

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