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Written by Jimmy Rustling

The art of negotiation rules supreme in debt consolidation. When you decide to go for debt consolidation, you must consider this fact and evaluate your capabilities in negotiating successfully to drive home your point. The most important criterion of any successful negotiation is to create a situation where both parties win. For debt settlement you must convince the creditor how much incapacitated you are in carrying on with the debt that is compelling you to seek settlement for a lower amount. You must paint a trustworthy picture of your poor financial health to make the creditor agree to forgive a part of the loan and settle for something less, which is the target that you have set. The task is far from easy because first you have to build a case in your favor based on financial data and then convince the creditor.

Know about debt settlement companies

Debt settlement is a professional deal that only seasoned and experienced financial negotiators are capable of handling. For your debt settlement needs, be guided by a professional debt settlement company that takes up your brief, empathizes with your financial goals and helps to realize it through implementation of favorable debt settlement. To find out which companies to approach for your needs, look up the internet and browse through debt settlement reviews to get a fair idea about the good, better and best among the debt settlement companies. You can do some benchmarking exercise by referring to others who have availed similar services to zero down on the company that seems to be best for you.

Insist on transparent dealing

For a successful debt consolidation program, it is important to work with companies that maintain transparency in dealing with clients. You must be clear of what you can afford to pay for settlement and share your financial plans with the settlement company. Similarly, the debt settlement company must tell you upfront about the fees, savings and other costs involved so that you are aware of the effective savings from the deal and its impact on your overall finances. Debt settlement must help to reorganize your finances and should not drive it towards more depths.

Guidelines for the deal

Although the debt settlement company would handle everything on your behalf, you must set the ground rules so that there is no misunderstanding at a later stage. Debt settlement is serious business and can have far-reaching effects on your finances. Therefore, you must insist on the following.

  • All deals made with the creditor must be in black and white. The draft agreement that the mediator proposes must have your approval so that you know in detail about the deal.
  • The payment amount, payment schedule and the manner of payment that is agreed must reflect in the agreement. The creditor must also agree to report the settlement to the credit bureaus so that it reflects in your credit score. All conditions of the agreement must be visible.

Maintaining a healthy professional relationship with debt settlement company is necessary to drive the program towards success.

About the author:  Tracy Morgan has a colorful career in finance and marketing. She began her career with an online company that publishes debt settlement reviews and then moved over to the role of a financial adviser for personal finance. Currently, she is the marketing head of a financial company engaged in industrial financing.


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