Easy Steps to Check for Eligibility for a Personal Loan

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Written by Jimmy Rustling

Many Norwegians have come to appreciate the convenience with which they can access loans. With a personal loan, you get to know your repayments in advance. You also know when you will finish paying it off.

Before applying for this credit facility, here are some issues worth considering:

Likelihood of acceptance

In reality, you may not know whether you are eligible or not before you apply. However, through a credit status report, you can tell whether to proceed or not. Besides, if you come across errors in the report, you can push for corrections and improve your ratings.

The need for borrowed money

Many applicants find that they need extra cash for a thing or two. Ask yourself whether you genuinely need these funds. Also, weigh your financial status and ascertain whether you have alternatives. If not, then you need the loan.

Whether a loan comes in handy

Consider whether borrowing cash is a good option. Perhaps you need money for:

  • Financing a wedding
  • Settling medical bills
  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvement

If the circumstances dictate that you procure a loan, you can proceed.

The deal offered

Different lenders offer different terms. The best deal is the one where you get a low rate of interest. You need to shop around and compare deals offered by lenders. Inquire about early repayment fees and other charges.


Having researched the procedures involved in getting personal loans in Norway, carry out an analysis of the options given. Particularly, you should be keen to compare the amount borrowed and the repayment period. Evaluate what the amount will be after you pay off the loan.


Depending on your present financial status, you could go for longer or shorter periods. In the former, you pay a smaller amount every month than in the latter. However, ensure that you do not struggle to survive on the little cash left behind after making a repayment.

By gauging yourself against these considerations, you will be confident that your borrowing has not derailed in any way.

There is no worse humiliation than being turned down by a lender. More frustrating is when you needed the money for an urgent need.

Some people reckon that once they get turned down, they could apply again quickly. Such a quick move works to your disadvantage since it could ruin your credit rating.

To increase your chances of success, obtain a credit report. It gives you an insight into how banks and other financial providers determine eligibility.

  • Lenders will insist that you be a citizen or a permanent resident of Norway.
  • You should provide identification documents such as passport or drivers licenses
  • You may have to prove that you are applying for the loan as an individual and not jointly.

Your past

Credit checks ascertain your past borrowing history. If you had issues with paying a previous loan on time, you could have a declined application. Therefore, ensure that you have no defaults and that you did not file for bankruptcy.

Otherwise, applying for a loan is a good option when you plan and can repay on time.

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