The Essentials to Start a Small Business

Small business
Written by Ben Davis

After one too many hours of working a job you don’t want to do, that dream of starting a business might well be reaching fever pitch. Now, while you might have a great idea and plenty of enthusiasm, setting up your own company involves much more than just those two ingredients. In fact, you could well be surprised as to just how much is needed when setting up for the first time.

So, although there is so much more to cover than this relatively small article can manage, read on to find out what essentials you will need to consider when starting a new small business.

Time and research

One thing that should be at the forefront of your mind when starting a business: do not rush things. Despite probably being eager to get going, it is important that you ponder everything and do a hefty quantity of research.

Regarding research, the main thing is to find out if your business idea is one that would be profitable. Assuming all is good in that regard, there are other things you need to enquire about such as the possible need for an online presence, retail space, licenses/permits, marketing, sending items, and so on.

Website and social media

In this modern age, it is arguably mandatory that you have some form of online presence for your business. A website with your own domain name and private email is highly recommended, and these are very easy to set up these days with platforms like WordPress.

In addition to this, social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to market your business (more on that later). Although, you should note: don’t have social media make up for the lack of a dedicated website for your business. It’s essential that you make sure to have a combination of both.

Packaging essentials

If are going to be shipping products, it is important to plan ahead and know what packaging and equipment you will need. First of all, you will need to ensure that you purchase a suitable quantity of packaging that will keep your items secure during transit.

As an alternative to writing shipping addresses, a label maker is also a recommended tool for adding that professional touch to your packaging. The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is one of the better options on the market right now for an inexpensive, practical label maker.

Moreover, you should also work out how much it will cost to send items, and work that into your overall product costs/delivery charges.

Get the word out

Promotion. Promotion. Promotion. If nobody knows about your company, it is going to flop – no matter what you are selling.

Today, social media is one the best ways to advertise your business. Not only is it free to use in its basic form, but social media is used by the vast majority of the western world. As a result, plenty of eyes will be potentially on your company.

Marketing your business in other forms – such as traditional adverts in publications, SEO for your website and even sponsoring local events – can also help your company grow.



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