The Importance of a Talented Sales Manager to the Success of a Sales Team

Success of a Sales Team
Written by Ben Davis

Sales reps are often overwhelmed by the immense workload they take on. They are just not getting the support they need because sales managers are also under pressure. Executives want constant reports on sales and regular accounting data and they want it to be done ahead of time. Then it goes full circle to the sales rep. Managers want more sales, get results faster, and do it ahead of time.

So, what is happening? The sales team starts with the sales manager whose main task is to influence and empower sales reps to higher levels of success. Unfortunately, the managers become distracted and end up neglecting their team.

Successful sales managers have their own set of skills and characteristics that set them far apart from the rest. They achieve results that are well above average by motivating and providing support to their team thus improving their performance.

Social Goals:

A really successful sales manager is not a slave driver. His task is not only to set the goals for his team but build a team spirit and encourage them to work together on common goals. It will give sales reps a target that is comfortable, natural, and a great deal more practical.

Team Building:

Successful sales managers want to find the most talented people and invite them to their team. If you hire the best, you save time and money on training and prevent the whole team from failure somewhere down the road.  Upfront costs will be there but will pay off in the long run.  Look for sales reps whose social goals are consistent with your business goals.

Communication Needs:

Sales reps need concise and clear communication.  Most importantly, they need to know what to expect and when it should be expected. Successful sales managers keep the lines of communication open, clear, and well defined.

Excellent Coaching:

Coaching is the responsibility of sales managers but it’s often overlooked or is never practiced by some of them. Successful sales managers understand the value of prioritizing coaching and putting it on top of the list. Coaching builds confidence by building the drive for the better performance.  A successful manager will regularly conduct coaching sessions as well as organize one on the spot when it’s needed. These sessions give sales reps an opportunity to share their thoughts and give their feedback. This will help them perform at a much better level.


Successful sales managers are always thinking two steps ahead. They can recognize situations and deal with them before they turn into big problems. To address temporary standstills in the sales rep’s performance, the sales manager can resort to coaching to increase the rep’s productivity. By doing so, the manager will prevent poor performances from becoming a usual thing.

It takes a very special kind of person to be successful as a sales professional. It can be very challenging. Successful sales managers know how to motivate and reward unique sales people.  They can leverage social networking by motivating others and thereby turning a great group of individuals into to an amazing performing team.

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