No One Reads Your Content? Here’s Why

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Written by Ben Davis

Why is no one reading your content? That is a great question. It is tough out there on the internet, always keeping fresh, original content on your site, and even tougher finding a good source for that content.

When in the market for a content marketing platform it is important to look at many things. Although people in the business have been practicing content marketing for 20 years, digital marketing coupled with a new, buyer 2.0 environment has created a whole new set of ways to succeed and challenges in the content marketing realm. Here are some things to consider:

  • Key process areas are being established such as content strategy, production (with an editorial calendar and workflow management), distribution and analytics.
  • 75% of leading content marketers are increasing marketing technology investment in 2016. 40% of companies have either “moderately” or “fully” integrated their marketing and sales force automation systems.
  • 75% of marketers are increasing investment in content marketing
  • 42% of companies have an executive responsible for content marketing, reaching 49% in 2017

All of these are mind boggling statistics. And there has been an incredible uprising of technology vendors and solutions to address the needs of content and digital marketers.

What is a Content Marketing Platform?

This word is not too hard to undestand, let me explain. The definition of a Content Marketing Platform goes like this:

A Content Marketing Platform is a software solution that helps marketers be more successful in driving awareness, leads and revenue from their content. This platform enables a data-driven, scalable, and multi-channel approach across four process areas: strategy, production, distribution (publication and promotion) and analytics. 

So what is the best content marketing platform out there? That is a great question, especially on a budget. Here is some concerns that individuals and business have looking for platform:

  • Distributing content across multiple channels, including publication and promotion.
  • Measuring the impact of content, i.e., what works and what doesn’t work to drive awareness, leads and sales enablement.
  • Limited budget for staff and program spend.
  • Creating enough quality content on a regular basis, whether in-house or externally sourced.

Understanding How Content Marketing Platform Works

The following is more information about the four key process areas addressed by a CMP. At its best, a CMP helps web content marketers develop and execute an effective and efficient content marketing strategy.

Where do you begin? Look within your own organization to pinpoint specific needs. Do you have someone in place to lead content marketing? Have you developed a content marketing strategy in alignment with other parts of your organization? Are you using an editorial calendar to facilitate alignment and to help execute your strategy? Are you quantifying the return on your content marketing investment through more advanced metrics?

To help answer these questions and many more, continue to do research and find more answers.

It is amazing to think about the future of a content marketing platform and where it is heading and going. It seems like every time you turn around, something changes. Though one thing that does not change is how Google will always want original, creative, well-written, content. That will always be the most important thing. So read up, set your budget and move forward in this increasingly important way of making your business the best it can be.

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