How to Track the Efforts of Your Influence Marketer

Written by Frank Kremer


Influence marketing has become a trend with the rise of action over social media. People love following the new influencers on social media and stay updated with what next they have to say. Every business opting for social media influencing invests vast sums of money with the view to get high returns on investment. Being the first time, we tend to overlook the same in our budget often. The short-term impact does not matter, but its incidence in the long term is critical.

It is important to track the results of the campaigns and activities performed by your influencer. However, the major question here arises whether it is easy to do so? Influencers having a good base with a huge fan following, it will obviously beget an impact. The thought is wrong. One still has to take efforts to promote your brand among their followers. In order to understand how to track these efforts, one should take the following steps.


The first step to making your report is to analyses the total number of followers on each social media platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other platform, find the number of followers for each. Secondly, while they make a post on these platforms, consider how many people are they able to reach at a time. The reach of the post is much imperative rather than the number of followers.

Impressions or views

On a blog, check for home many unique monthly visitors they have. Over Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, check for how many likes, comments and follows they pose. Check out for the average views on each snapchat post made. A snapchat access is difficult for which a direct contact is formerly imperative. Snapchat stories last for just 24 hours, thus, ask them to take screenshots just before the window expires. Contribution from each and every platform is significant when combined forms an influencer’s reach.


Once you have come down to analysing the post reach, views, and impressions, further come down to reporting over engagement. In an engagement, the customer not just visits the post but also takes some action. Any type of activity should be noted. Find out whether the visitor bought your goods, or comment on the post, or might leave some feedback. Each type of engagement is necessary. It not just helps you estimate the participation of the posts with customers but helps the business develop in a way to fulfill requirements of the target market. They might have clicked on the link, looked at your website but did not prefer buying stuff. What is more important is to track the actions of these post visitors. These tracking codes will bring a lot of change in the business.

  1. Engagement on a blog is measured by the comments, likes, follows, feedbacks, clicks, etc.
  2. Engagement on the Facebook post is measured through different reactions in the like option, comments, clicks, etc.
  3. YouTube engagement can be measures with the number of thumbs up or down to the videos posted. The comments and number of YouTube visitors visiting the website after watching the video matters.
  4. Twitter has the love icon which shows the engagement of visitors.
  5. Snapchat involves comments and screenshots.

A track on the reports of the influencers allows you not just find the impact of your hired influence marketer in the market in counts of likes but also lets you calculate your returns on investment. You will be able to analyse if you are making the right investment from your funds of the business or not.

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