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Ben Carson May Face Possible Criminal Charges Over Violent Past

Washington, D.C. – Presidential front runner Ben Carson has been criticized recently for various claims he has made ranging from the original uses of the Great Pyramids to his coulda-been-career at West Point. But his claims about his violent past and troubled youth may land him in serious legal trouble according to new information coming from the Michigan State Police.

According to the Michigan Stated P.D. is taking this very seriously.

Ben Carson, who Huffington Post has referred to as “The Most Dangerous Man In Politics” made the claim in his book Gifted Hands that he was a violent teen and has often publicly spoken about his unsavory teenage years. One inflammatory incident he regularly brings up is the time he tried to stab a close relative of his. Fortunately, as Carson claims, the knife struck the relatives belt buckle which deflected the potentially lethal blow. These claims have been dismissed by most media sources as having no corroborating evidence, but Detective Daniel Brock of the Michigan State Police has other thoughts.

“When all these stories about Carson started popping up in the news I noticed a pattern that seemed eerily similar to a long list of unsolved crimes from ’65-’69,” said Brock. The fact is, this guy matches the profile for a lot of these cases.”

One of Carson’s anecdotes in particular grabbed the Michigan State P.D.’s attention. In his 2006 book Take the Risk Carson tells the story of the time he witnessed a robbery at a Popeye’s restaurant.

“That was weird to us,” said Detective Lisa Wheeler. “See, we had a string of robberies of Popeye’s restaurants in the cold case file. When we first started seeing him (Carson) on the T.V. a couple of the other officers joked about how similar he looked to the sketch we had of the suspect. It was just an around the office joke, but then we heard him tell the story about witnessing that robbery….It was like he was winking at the camera, breaking the fourth wall, ya know?” said Wheeler. “It was at that time that I wondered if we were dealing with a real criminal mastermind.”

Carson at MIT retelling the story of the time he beat his mother near to death.

Carson at MIT retelling the story of the time he beat his mother near to death.

Neither Carson nor anyone on his campaign team could be reached for comment. It is unclear as of now what impact this will have on Carson’s campaign but according to Detective Brock the consequences could be serious.

“I don’t want to release too much information at this time but these are some pretty serious charges,” said Brock. “We will be investigating any and all possible leads.”

Carson isn’t alone in the Presidential run when it comes to possibly severe criminal charges. Democrat front funner Hilary Clinton has also been facing possible criminal charges related to her recent email scandal. Some of her emails may have been compromised and possibly contained sensitive material pertinent to national security. Information released by the FBI on Monday says that Clinton’s email could have been hacked after she clicked on a series of spam emails advertising discount pantsuits.

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