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What is up with all the pity parties for people who disrespect cops?

Cop slams girl to ground and knocks out some of her teeth
Written by Jimmy Rustling

So there is currently this huge pity party happening on the internet for this girl (see above video) who was slammed to the ground by a cop, which busted out some of her teeth. Just by reading that one sentence I just wrote, you would think, “Oh, that poor girl. That cop deserves prison time.” And usually I would agree, but not this time.

I’m not a big fan of cops, as you can see by my page and videos I made of ex-McKinney Police Officer Eric Casebolt along with all the stories I do making fun of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

But, what happened to respecting an officer of the the law?

Of course this girl in the video did not deserve this, the officer overreacted, and unless the cop is pure evil, I HIGHLY doubt he meant to knock out some of her teeth… but my question is; what the fuck is up with all the disrespect to cops lately? I cannot imagine having a cop tell me to sit down (while wearing hand cuffs) and then mouthing off. And then, when he forces me to sit down, I kick him?? Are you fucking serious??!!!

If you are outside of the prison walls, and you’re not in hand cuffs or being detained, you can tell a cop to “fuck off”, and he can’t do anything about it. But this girl was in a holding cell, arrested, with handcuffs on. She is property of the state at that point.

I dunno, I guess I just don’t get it. If you show just 10% of respect to a cop, 99% of the time shit like this won’t happen*

*Those numbers are factoring in that you are white

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