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Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you are looking for an independent career, you like be working with kids and you speak excellent English, Helen Doron is willing to children offer you an experience of a lifetime.  English is an international language therefore, it is always in demand. Teaching English is recession-proof in terms of career choices. This is because it has been universally proven that the younger a child is the easier it is for them to learn additional languages. Therefore, there are now better chances for teaching the English language to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged kids alike.

The main advantage that EFL teachers have is that they can work from anywhere in the world. If you like traveling and experiencing new cultures you can easily find Helen Doron English teacher  across the globe.

Training programmes

Helen Doron English has been running teacher training programmes since the year 1987 exactly 30 years now. Such training programmes are meant to help prepare qualified candidates for the rewards and enjoyment of teaching the Helen Doron English method.

The training offered at Helen Doron provides the candidates with essential educational tools that will eventually help them reach their potential as EFL teachers. The courses for potential teachers are designed in almost the same way as the Helen Doron English classes for kids. They are not only conducted in small groups but are also fun and the trainers are responsive and engaging.

Why choose Helen Doron English?

Becoming a Helen Doron English teacher might be the best choice you’ll ever make for your career. You will get to enjoy a profitable career with flexible working hours and job satisfaction if you work as a Helen Doron English teacher. You will also get to pride yourself in being part of a respected and highly sought after global community.

The Helen Doron English teachers are the heart of the company. This is because they bring fun and creativity to their lessons. Such methods give the children a love of learning that they can naturally relate to. With the guidance of their teachers learning the English language becomes a delightful experience for the children only leaving them with both knowledge and fond memories.

Who is the ideal candidate?

If you want a teaching job at Helen Doron, you should be a positive minded person who loves to work with children. You should also have experience in both teaching and pedagogy. You should be interested in a long term contract and be willing to work during the afternoon.

As a Helen Doron English teacher, you will be responsible for kids between the ages of 3 months to 19 years. You will only be using Helen Doron materials and methods of teaching.  As a Helen Doron English teacher, you will be helping your students to grow their self-esteem, achieve their potential and above all influencing their lives.

If you are an English teacher you can get work at the numerous Helen Doron English franchises available around the world. You can start by searching the one nearest to you.

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