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Written by Ben Davis

The Internet is overloaded with essay writing services. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds and thousands writing help options, from big companies to part-time independent performers. But everyone venturing to order an essay for the first time consciously or unconsciously faces a big question: is it worth it, especially from the perspectives of ethics and safety? Let’s dig deeper with Lucy Adams, a blogger from

Well, when it comes to applying to Oxford, Yale, Berkeley or any other top universities, failure is not an option. That’s why so many students decide to order papers from third parties. They don’t believe in their writing skills and talents because of:

  • Strong competition. According to statistics, the essay industry is the UK is now worth about 120 million pounds. The two biggest essay mills process about 20 000 orders a year.
  • Tough schedule. Almost all modern students have activities outside of school. Most of them work. Many of them are not native English speakers. How many chances does a non-native have against a native?
  • Irrelevance of the essay to the future profession. It sometimes happens that the essay it unrelated to the field of specialization or essay writing just not something that’ll make different in the future career.

Although custom essay writing does have some dangers, hardly ever one can deny its usefulness. Let’s imagine you’ve finally decided to pay for an essay. Regardless of the reasons for your decision, you face the fact is that you are going to cheat, and that means you must be sure in the advantages that you’ll get. They are as follows:

  • Excellent structure and writing style. Most essays are written by professors so that you have no chance to fail until you choose a reliable company or freelancer.
  • No plagiarism issues. You will get an exclusive paper that wasn’t used before and won’t be used in future.
  • A guide of how to hit the bull’s eye. You have all chance to learn from the ordered essay and boost your writing skills. At least, you’ll understand how an excellent essay should look.

Finally, no matter how expensive the essay is, it actually costs nothing. The fee of $50, $100 or even $1000 is nothing comparing to the refusal of admission.

Essay Writing Services: Moral Barriers, Safety and Other “Cons”

  • Laziness. There is an opinion that by getting a ready-made job, students get used to being lazy. But what to do with applicants engaged in many important activities at a time? An essay service can save a person’s life!
  • High price. It all depends on your demands towards quality and reliability. You don’t need essay writing services on a daily basis so that even the most expensive work will soon pay off.
  • Fraud. To distinguish an original essay writing services, use the A-T-E-K principle, meaning a high-quality essay writer should be affordable, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. If he or she meets these criteria, most likely, the work will be done on time and have utmost quality.
  • Plagiarism. The proficient academic writer never copies from the Internet or any unguaranteed source. Such authors are too smart to underestimate the issue of plagiarism. They know it is one of the first criteria the professors will look at.
  • Inconvenient payment system. This issue happens only to out-of-date services while present-day essay companies support tens of payment methods. Moreover, many reliable companies provide money-back and operate without prepayment to exclude any possible risks.

The Conclusion, or How not to Lay an Egg When Choosing an Essay Writing Service

  1. First of all, look for how proficient the team of writers is. If the service has D. and MA writers onboard, it almost guarantees you the work of top-notch quality and without plagiarism issues.
  2. Secondly, check if the deadlines suit you. A trustworthy essay writing service should have a bunch of options different in price. That is, to rush the order, you will have to overpay.
  3. Lastly, never sacrifice quality in favor of a lower price. It applies not only to essay industry but business as a whole. Check prices only in connection with the quality and deadlines!

I wish you best of luck in essay writing and learning! Don’t hesitate to order an essay to open new prospect and reach new heights!


Lucy Adams is an aspiring businesswoman and blogger. Most of all, she’s interested in covering the most intriguing topics of yours, whether they are about business, writing or literature. Share your best ideas with the blogger and get a high-quality guest blog in a week or so!

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