How to Deal With Teachers

dealing with teachers
Written by Ben Davis

As the sound of those heels approached and the particular gait that we all recognized too well, we could feel our hearts pounding in our chests. As she entered the class room; the thud of her files and books on the table was enough to make our fluttering hearts sink!  We felt as victims standing for mug-shots as she glared at each one of us from head to toe. We could not comprehend what wrong could we have done to endure the next whole hour of bitter sarcasms and insults that followed. After all we were just 5th graders.

Every profession has good and bad people and so does teaching. Some teachers fill you with excitement for attending their class and get to learn. There are others who tell you what nightmares are made of. Being tough does not mean a teacher is necessarily bad at his/her subject. But being great at math or chemistry or any other subject as a matter of fact does not necessarily mean being great as a person too. That is why you might even need an extra degree in psychology before hitting school to deal with such teachers. Bill gates once said “if you think your teacher is tough, wait until you get a boss”. Here comes the silver lining; even your toughest teachers are doing you good in one way or another. Although having a tough teacher can make your day at school difficult to bear though; doing the following can help:

  1. Get to know why they are the way they are

Being tough or impolite is not always out of choice but that is how their life circumstances have shaped them. Try to get to know why a teacher acts a certain way. Ask your seniors or some other higher authority in school. They might have lost a loved one or faced a bitter marital life. Albeit that does not justify their behavior but it can help you develop a soft corner and not hate upon that teacher in return.

  1. Respect

Would you snap at your father if he is being harsh about something? Or do you think it is justified to disrespect your mother only because she punished you to give you a lesson? The way you treat a person speaks more about you than them. Although some teachers might be incomprehensible but even then, they do deserve respect for the knowledge they share. They are the ones preparing you for darker holes in life by giving you a harder time right now. Respect and kindness conquers all.

  1. Introspect

Before you blame a teacher for being offensive or tough, do you ever think of the possibility that it isn’t their fault entirely? Is it possibly something wrong at your end that offends them to that limit? As Carl Jung says “thinking is difficult and that is why more people judge” and it might be the case with you too. You ought to unravel if it is actually the teacher or if you were the first one to start this episode of offense with probably a sarcastic remark or disrespectful demeanor.

  1. Extracurricular effort

Even the most reasonable teachers can become adamant when students do not meet their expectations. Some teachers do put in a lot of effort and compassion into their teaching and expecting the students to perform well is all natural. Not being able to carry out their homework excellently is something that most students struggle with. this leads to a feud with even the most humble teachers. To deal with this crisis, students can take help from a custom writing service such as These services can provide with quality homework and assignments as well as help with other academic troubles.

  1. Try talking to a teacher

Most of us do not like uncomfortable confrontations and so we avoid facing people we are not at ease with. However talking to a person is sometimes the easiest and most accessible option. It is all about communication. Talking to the teacher outside your class setting will provide you with a better perspective and open ways for healthy communication. It will also help them understand you better and clear any opinion that might have formed for some insignificant reason. Try asking for help with homework or discuss a book or to take an advice for alternate career option or whatever helps to clear the air

  1. Go to the principle

You might have exhausted all the easier options and there is still no way around that teacher. Despite all the respect and extra academic effort, the teacher might still be adamant at torturing you or all other students. In such cases it is reasonable to take a step higher and report to authorities.

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