TB Joshua – The Commitments Required from a Christian Student Leader

Written by Frank Kremer


There are many ways to serve Jesus; perhaps, like TB Joshua was callled at a very young age, you have been called to serve Him in the community as a student leader.  This is a wonderful and important path to follow as a young person dedicated to pursuing Christ – however, it is not always an easy path, and it is one that requires careful reflection.  If you, like, feel the call to be a student leader, especially if you are still a student yourself, here are some of the commitments that you must be willing to make.


Student leaders must live their faith daily

All of us have a natural desire to “fit in” and young people in particular may feel a certain pressure to be perceived by their cohort as “cool” or “worldly.”  Young Christians, for this reason, and especially when they are in a secular setting like a public university or college, hold  their faith to themselves, preferring to keep this part of their lives hidden.  Young leaders must commit to resist the pressure – whether imposed by others or by themselves – to keep their Christian faith private, or to reveal it only amoung other Christians.  They must commit to allowing their faith to reveal itself in every aspect of their daily lives.


Student leaders must serve the community

Student leaders will already feel the pull of service to Jesus, but must resist the temptation to serve Him only in private or personal ways.  A student leader must commit to a life of ministry in the wider community.  It is also important for a student leader to commit to servant-leadership, which involves a willingness to serve in whatever way is needed, in “lead” roles when necessary, but also in quiet, “behind the scenes” roles that come with no public recognition.  It requires setting aside egos and adopting a humble attitude to service. This is the key to being not simply a Christian student, but a Christian student leader.


Student leaders must set an example

Young leaders must strive to live a life that honors God’s will and their relationship with Jesus.  As leaders, they are called to be role models for other young people, whether or not they are Christians themselves.  This is a very important responsibility that must be accepted in full understanding of the commitment it represents.  It does not mean that a student leader will make no mistakes – indeed, when mistakes are made, a student leader provides an equally important role model for seeking God’s forgiveness and moving forward.


Student leaders must continue to be led

Some people may be “natural born leaders” but student leaders must be willing to continue to develop their leadership skills and to learn from mentors with more experience.  They must be committed to growing themselves and deepening their own faith even as they work to help others find and strengthen a relationship with God.


As you can see, being a student leader requires a serious commitment, and not everyone may be suited to serve in this way.  If you are considering taking this path, be sure you speak with experienced student leaders to better understand the challenges you may face in this important role.

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