Tips on How to Move Out of Your College Dorm

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Written by Ben Davis

So, your freshman year is coming to an end and you already imagine how you’ll be chilling out in your soft bed at your parents’ home? Gearing up for your exams you shouldn’t forget that when they are over, you’ll have to move out of your dormitory room. It’s better to work out your moving strategy in advance because hoping to pack everything on a moving day or even a day before is rather unwise. Your parents helped you move in and you can ask them to assist you while moving out (and they certainly will) but using the following tips you’ll be able to do it on your own.

Start with cleaning. Before you get to sorting and packing your stuff, you need to get a general idea of its amount. If you share a dorm room with other students, it can be pretty hard to keep your belongings in order. Be ready that at the end of the year you’ll have to figure out where your things are and the best way to do that is to organize a thorough cleanup. It will benefit you in two ways. First of all, you’ll know where you put your stuff and, secondly, you’ll clean your room. It’s better to do it prior to your finals or at least a week before moving out.

Buy packing supplies. You’ll need a lot of boxes and bags to pack your things. You can either get them for free from a local grocery or purchase them from a store or moving company. Make sure you have boxes of different sizes for different kinds of stuff.

Sell your books. As soon as finals end and you don’t need your books anymore, consider selling them instead of taking them home. The same should be done with your notes. Keep only the most important ones that will come in handy during your next year of studies.

Pack your winter clothes. If you come across your winter jacket or shoes while tidying up, pack them into the bags or boxes – you will not wear them in the nearest two weeks. Leave only a few sweatshirts in case the weather gets colder and pack the rest of warm clothing.

Haul or store. If you’ve packed all your things and now wonder at the number of boxes, decide which of them are worth moving and which ones could be moved to storage. Some moving companies, such as SF Bay Area Moving, provide both moving and storage services. If you don’t want to clutter up your parents’ house with your stuff again, consider moving it into storage. Since you’ll be charged a monthly service fee, offer your roommate to share the cost if you want to store the items both of you use.

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  • What is really hard for me is moving out of the place where I lived for several years. It’s full of sweet memories, this is the place of happiness.

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