Top tips to write the best conclusion to make your text stand out

write the best conclusion
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Read the article to see how to write the best conclusion in your life if you’re creating an essay, a book, a novel, an academic paper or any other type of the text.

How to Write a Conclusion to Make Your Text Stand Out?

A good ending can turn a terrible story into a fantastic one. No matter what you’re writing, a great conclusion can make the readers fall in love with your style of writing and become your fans forever. How’s that possible? What are the tricks that most of the successful writers use in their books? Let’s try to break the spell of the best sellers and figure out what you can add to your book or essay ending to make it the best.

Finish your essay with a question

If you make your readers think of your essay after they finish reading it, it will be great. And the more complicated the question is the better impression you will provide. If you’re writing an argumentative essay, you can ask about personal opinion of the readers and their attitude to the problem. If you discuss a controversial topic, you can ask a question that will evoke some emotions that will make the readers think of your essay for a long time.

Another type of the question might be the one that you used in the introduction or the body of your essay. You can start the text with the question and finish it with the same phrase. We mean the last sentence of the conclusion here. In short, you will need to write a standard concluding paragraph and put the question at the end of it.

Finish your book with a time lapse

You could notice it in some of the books where the author describes every event and character in so much detail that the ending looks weird and interesting at once. This will only work if you love describing every single detail of a person or a thing. Every paragraph should be written this way but the concluding ones will greatly differ from the rest. You can use a heading for it or surprise the readers if you don’t do it.

The main goal here is:

  • To surprise the readers;
  • To make them focus on reading more;
  • To make them think of your book for a long time.

The time lapse means describing events and people with no detail. It means that you completely change your narrative style at the end of the book. You can make readers think that they start reading a new book. You will surely achieve the goal to make people remember your book for a long time as they won’t see it in most of other books. And they will recommend your book for their friends and colleagues.

Finish your novel with a “Conclusion”

Use the word “Conclusion” to make the readers see what the next section of the novel is about. Don’t worry, you won’t make the ending too obvious for your readers as they will pay more attention to your novel. A few authors use this trick, but they succeed if they really do it. We’ve never seen the authors that wrote bad conclusions and used this heading for it. So why don’t you try and see the result?

But you should pay more attention to writing such a concluding part of your novel as you cannot present any new things or factions in this part. You can only write about the results or the outcomes of the things that happened in the main part of the text. Of course, you can use any language style that you prefer as it’s not an academic paper. Your goal is to make a good ending that will look like crossing the finish line when running a marathon, so do it well.

Finish your paper with bare facts

If you’re writing an academic paper, using a lot of descriptive adjectives or plague words is not the best idea to use. You can remove all unnecessary words from the text and leave only bare facts about the research that you have conducted. It doesn’t mean that you need to make the conclusion boring or dull. You can play with the words and the succession of the sentences in the part of the paper.

You can use bare facts and make up a poem out of them. To do this, you will only need to find the figures or the words that can be rhymed and put them into the right position. If you can read the conclusion without stops, it will mean that you have chosen the right rhythm for it. You can put your sentences in a chronological order or any other that you like. Don’t make it boring and spend enough time on writing it.


Here we’ll make our own conclusion where we will sum everything up. You should choose the type of the ending that will match the overall style of your paper, novel or book. You should also consider the preferences and requirements of your readers especially if their meaning is valuable for you. Or you can fully rely on your talent and your inspiration that will push you hard to create a unique piece of writing that will impress the readers.

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t like your conclusion. You don’t like all the books in the world, do you? So every human has own taste about the books and any papers that they read in their lives. If you want to make your book a bestseller, you should always consider the tastes of your audiences and meet their expectations. Writing conclusions is a hard job, so do your best not to fail it.

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