How To Write An Effective Introduction To The Essay

introduction to the essay
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The name of the book is an insight to the content of the book. Similar is the case with the introduction of the essay. The introduction also hints towards the quality of your essay. By reading the introduction the reader is able to make out the quality of you content. To know how to write an effective introduction you can refer to the sample essays available on the site article also intends to draw your attention towards the significance of the introduction as a part of the essay. Following points justify the importance of an introduction:

  1. It indicates the quality of your essay at the outset. It drops a hint to the reader about what all he will get to read in the paragraphs to come.
  2. Another important aspect of the Introduction is its attention grabbing capacity it can grab the attention of the reader very easily. Not only this it has the capacity to keep the reader enthusiastic and engaged in the essay reading.
  3. It serves the purpose of giving the clarity to the reader about the topic of the essay. It justifies the question of the essay and at the same time makes it clear in the mind of the reader that what he has to read.

Now having known the importance of the introduction the question arises that how can a person write an effective introduction?  The answer to this question is as follow. You can follow three simple steps to write an effective essay:

  1. Introductory sentence: You need to write a sentence in the very beginning of the essay. This sentence tends to act as the charm for the reader. If the line is good then it builds the interest of the reader. On the other side of the fence if the line is not so attractive then it tends to ruin even a bit of interest that the reader might have had in the beginning. You can use a phrase or an idiom as the opening line of your essay.
  2. Rephrasing: The next important step in writing an introduction is the rephrasing of the essay topic. This serves the purpose of giving the clarity of the essay topic to the reader. The simple way of rephrasing the question of the essay is using the synonyms of the words given in a topic and reframing the topic. It should be made as clear as possible.
  3. Viewpoint: Giving your own viewpoint in the third line of the introduction plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of the introduction. This tends to inform the reader that what he is supposed to read in the upcoming paragraphs. This line should clearly mention your point of view with reference to the question of the essay.

All these are the little parts of the introduction which when put together makes the introduction effective. In your introduction you should write as much as is required. Do not mention any such thing that can cause repetition in rest of the paragraphs.

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