How to Write a Good Research Paper or Essay?

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Written by Jimmy Rustling

Writing a Research paper or Essay isn’t an easy task at all. It requires a lot of practice and proper planning. You have to follow the dos and don’ts related to article writing. Here is the step by step process on how to write an essay or good research paper.

Step 1 – Plan Your Time
Time is a crucial factor in essay writing and it is required to manage it properly. Its failure can lead to missing the deadlines. If you will not plan then you will end up writing a low-quality essay or research paper. Allot the number of hours per day for your research paper writing and make a time plan sheet. You should strictly follow the time plan sheet in order to complete the writing work on time.

Step 2- Choose a Topic
Choose an interesting topic and the one about which you know everything. You should put all your efforts to research the topic and have the enthusiasm to write about it. Select the topic which you can manage well during writing. Avoid using the topics that are technical or specialized as it is difficult to research about them. If the topic is popular then you can research about it well through the sources available and write an interesting essay. This will help you to write the long form content as you know the details. If you’re finding it difficult to write it then you can seek the help online.

Step 3- Research
This is an important step in writing the research paper. You can search about the topic on search engines, related websites, encyclopedias, eBooks, etc. Read and evaluate the research materials that support the topic. Bookmark the related websites or take printouts and gather all the material for the essay writing. Always use reliable sources for the research. Check the authenticity and if you are searching it on the net then check social shares and traffic on the site. These key metrics will help to choose the reliable sources for writing the essay.

Research well and select the topic based on 5W- Why, Who, What, Where and When. Why you’re creating, for whom you are creating, what is the topic, medium of the topic and time frame of creating the research paper.

Step 4- Make an Outline
Making an outline is important before writing the final research paper. Study the research materials well and roughly write an introduction, main points in the body section and the conclusion. You can start an introduction with quotes or a dialogue. Present your idea clearly in the introduction that why anyone should read your essay or research paper. The body of the essay should have the proper flow. Validate your opinions and research it well and support the claims. Remember that in the conclusion wrap up the points and don’t add any new points.
Step 5- Prepare Thesis Statement
The thesis statement is really important part of the research paper and it should be concise but define the topic well. It is a declaration of your belief and will consist of arguments to support this belief.

Step 6- Create the Draft
Organize your notes and research data well to make a final draft. Check for the accuracy and verify the information well. Don’t include any irrelevant information. Format the sentences and paragraphs well in the final draft. You can also take a help of dissertation formatting service for the quality essay writing or research paper work. Use a list of good vocabulary words to make it impactful. Avoid Plagiarism and write a unique content. You can also check it is using the tool to be 100% plagiarism free.

Step 7- Proofread
Read the content at least 2 times and correct the content errors. Double check the spelling errors, punctuation, grammatical errors. Use a grammar checker and proof reader such as Grammarly. Formatting should be proper and you can hire dissertation formatting service for better readability. Proofread the final paper carefully for spelling, punctuations duplicate and missing words. Your brilliant ideas are wasted if it has mistakes or errors. Improve the quality of the essay or research paper and make it comprehensible.

Step 8- Finalize Paper
Read the assignment well and understand it well so that your research paper meets the requirements. Remember that paper should be attractive, neat, tidy and clean.
Summing it up!

Here is the quick summary of the essay writing process.
1. Plan Your Time
2. Choose a Topic
3. Research
4. Make an Outline
5. Prepare Thesis Statement
6. Create the Draft
7. Proofread
8. Finalize Paper
Follow the above comprehensive process for essay writing or research paper work and create effective essays. You will definitely get good response and appreciation from the readers.

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