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Clark Duke Holds Fundraiser for Caitlyn Jenner, Transgender Rights

Los Angeles, CA – Critically acclaimed actor and director Clark Duke has announced plans to hold a fundraiser to raise awareness for transgender rights, issues, and individuals like Caitlyn Jenner. The fundraiser will feature musical and comedic acts who are in support of transgender individuals and their struggles.

“Transgenderism is clearly one of the largest issues facing the American people today and we need to just raise that awareness level a little so people understand what trans people go through,” said Duke in an interview. “For obvious reasons, the trans movement means a great deal to me and I really want to do this for people.”

On how the fundraiser will relate to Caitlyn Jenner, Duke had this to say, “When I had the idea for a fundraiser, my immediate thought was to call up my old buddy Caitlyn. She needs this just as much as anybody. The fame and money can only do so much to shield Caitlyn from the prejudices that transgenders can face. I mean, like finding clothes. Can you imagine! Finding women’s clothes for someone with her frame?!”

Clark Duke discusses his plans for the upcoming transgender fundraiser.

Clark Duke discusses his plans for the upcoming transgender fundraiser.

Caitlyn Jenner also expressed her excitement about the upcoming event. “Clark is just such a sweet boy,” said Jenner. “We’ve known each other for years and well obviously someone like Clark is pro-transgender but he’s always wanted to raise awareness about the issue. I’m really glad we’re going to get to do this together.”

Friend’s of Duke, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse have also expressed their support for the event.

Though expectations are high for the event, some supporters are concerned that Clark Duke’s estranged brother may attempt to sabotage the event. His brother Chandler Duke is the infamous self proclaimed leader of The Church of the Seventh Coalition and strongly opposes gay and transgender rights.

chanandler bong 2

Pastor and Anti-Gay Activist Chandler Duke

Chandler Duke was arrested three months ago attempting to attack Elton John on stage at a concert but was subsequently released a few weeks later. He has also been a vocal proponent of Donald Trump’s bid for President. But his brother’s possible involvement has not dampened Clark Duke’s enthusiasm. He still plans for the fundraiser to go off without a hitch.

There have been talks in recent weeks among movie studios to produce a movie based around Caitlyn Jenner’s struggle and with Clark so closely involved with her there have been rumors that he may be the “leading lady” in the film.

“Oh it’s no secret in Hollywood that Clark is just a tremendous actor,” said frequent collaborator Rob Corddry. “If they’re going to make a Jenner movie then he’s the right man for the part.

Clark Duke was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the universally loved drama Hot Tub Time Machine and was awarded a Golden Glove for his appearance in the romantic-comedy Superbad. 

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