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Phoenix To Add Recycling Bins To All Apartments & Businesses Beginning November 5th

Phoenix recycle bins at apartments and businesses
Written by Ben Davis
Phoenix recycle bins at apartments and businesses

Beginning November 5th, Phoenix residents will now have the option of having recycle bins at their apartment or business. (AP Photo/Dennis System, File) / AP

Phoenix, AZ — In a 6-3 vote, the Phoenix City Council passed a bill today that will equip all apartments and businesses with recycling bins.

Paul Horner, a spokesman for the city, told NBC News about the new city ordinance.

“This is great news for all residents of Phoenix,” Horner said. “We’ve heard your complaints and we have taken action. Phoenix will now be a much cleaner, greener city. This is a win for everyone.”

For years, individuals have pushed for Phoenix to put an end to an ordinance that prohibits the city from collecting recycling at multi-family complexes and commercial buildings.

City officials said they’re uncertain why the ban was initially passed, but believe it was a preventative measure to avoid competition between the city and private waste haulers.

Phoenix has significantly lagged behind other cities when it comes to recycling, this due to the fact that renters and businesses were unable to receive these services. Of the 10 largest cities in the country, Phoenix’s waste-diversion rate of 14 percent last year was at the bottom. Recycling rates in other large cities range from 76% in Los Angeles to 18% in San Antonio. The national average for recycling is 34%.

The new recycling ordinance goes into effect November 5th, but it is up to the renter to request a bin. To equip your apartment or business with a recycling bin, call (602) 542-4331.

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