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CONFIRMED TRUE: New McDonald’s In Phoenix Run Entirely By Robots

CLAIM: A McDonald’s Restaurant In Phoenix Is Run Entirely By Robots


This story about McRobots is 100% accurate and true. Opening on July 4th, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, a McDonald’s located at 7th St and McDowell Road will be run entirely by robots. A spokesman for McDonald’s says this is due to a decline in earnings for the first time in nine years.

In 2014 CNN reported that soon robots will replace fast-food workers. And in 2011, a few thousand touch screens were added to McDonald’s locations in Europe that allowed customers to order their own meals.

Image of the article about a McDonald’s being run by robots which is true:
McDonald's in Phoenix run by robots

The new manager of the McDonald’s, and one of the only humans that will be working in the store, has confirmed with numerous news media outlets that all of the above information in fact TRUE.

Welcome to the future of McDonald’s, a restaurant run by robots.

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  • I will stop eating mcdonalds that for sure and I hope everyone I talk to will do the same thing. Good buy mcdonalds.

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