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My Interview With Inside Edition: They Are The Ones Who Are “Fake News”

Inside Edition is fake news by Paul Horner
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Wow, talk about the REAL “fake news” that is out there, plaguing our lives and our minds, and that is media outlets like the television show Inside Edition.

Here it is: The other day I did a GREAT interview with Inside Edition on camera with Les Trent. This interview was setup by a person I had come to like and to trust. His name is Morgan Manousos. With Les Trent, I talked about the last 6 years of my life writing real news, comedy, humor, political satire, hoaxes and online shenanigans. I spoke with him, explaining why I do what I do, how I love targeting things I see wrong in society and mocking those things. I told him how I love making people laugh. How I love doing standup comedy and throwing comedy shows. I told him how I include links to my charity that gives out thousands of pairs of socks a month to homeless people, Sock It Forward. How I include those links to sockitforward.com in all my stories that get millions of views which get donations for my cause. I told him how the alt-right and extreme right wing Conservatives in this country are dangerous, combining a strong passion for politics and this country, with little to no outside sources of information besides far right websites such as Fox News and Breitbart and other news in their echo chamber of hate & ignorance. I told him that’s why things like Pizzagate happened. I told him that anyone can do horrible “fake news” like Pizzagate and I’ve NEVER done anything like that. I told him I’m proud of ALL my stories. They all have a purpose and humor and get a message across. I told Les Trent I could write a story today about Paul McCartney from the Beatles dying, a death hoax, and make $10,000, but I wouldn’t do that. It’s morally wrong and has no purpose other than to make money. I told Les Trent about one of my favorite stories, about a nerd who stopped a robbery at a Diner by quoting movie quotes from Pulp Fiction. I told him how Quentin Tarantino loved my story, posting about it on Twitter and online, and how even the Miramax website (who put out Pulp Fiction) posted my story on their official website because of how much they enjoyed it. It was a great interview! I clarified my quotes about Donald Trump, explaining that of course I wasn’t trying to get him elected; I only mocked him and his supporters. But after Trump’s 10-1 underdog victory, I started thinking about my stories, questioning if instead of hurting him, I actually helped him. I gave Les Trent the example of my story about the Amish in this country locking up Trump’s Presidency. With that story I wanted Trump supporters to believe they didn’t need to go out and vote, that the Amish vote in this country had a Trump Presidency guaranteed. But after Trump’s win, I started thinking that maybe stories like that inspired Trump supporters to go out and vote. I told Les Trent I can’t be certain of what happened, and that I only hope that I didn’t help Donald Trump in anyway. This was a great interview. After it was over, I heard someone in the background when asked if they needed more, and he said, “No, this is GOLD.”

Fast forward to yesterday, late afternoon. My interview with Inside Edition airs. They show clips of all these stories that I have nothing to do with, like Pizzagate. Stories that I morally would NEVER do. Les Trent asks me why I do it. I say, “I love journalism (cut the rest of what I was saying).” Back to Les Trent, “You love journalism??!!” like I’m some kind of fucking asshole. AND THAT’S IT! That is what Inside Edition actually fucking aired. They went for a slam piece on “fake news” and couldn’t get it, so with their Faux News editing, they did their best to throw someone under the bus. Who REALLY does “fake news”? Well, this will be a great talking point when I’m on Live television next week with Anderson Cooper and Ted Koppel. This information that Inside Edition has provided me will be great to include in all of my upcoming stories that go viral. It will be like Snopes, multiplied by a thousand.

Thank you Inside Edition for this great lesson and discussion into what is truly “fake news”. You will be talked about, and people will actually learn about “fake news” through this monstrosity of an interview that you did, that I can promise you!

Click here to watch Inside Edition’s fake news, the “one sentence” interview with Paul Horner

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