8 hacks for customizing your clothing

Customizing your clothing
Written by Jimmy Rustling

The New Year came with its set of new trends. As fun as it is to embrace the new trendy styles, it also makes it harder to stand out of the crowd. That is why you should find ways to customize your wardrobe, as you will not have to sacrifice your personal style. When you invest a little time and creativity, you will be able to turn your basic apparel into a unique wardrobe.

Here are some cool hacks for customizing your clothes:

Cut them up

One of the best ways to make a ratty t-shirt look unique is by cutting it up. Consider tearing pieces from the bottom of your t-shirt and turning them into a braided strap. You could also cut the collar of your t-shirt and opt for an off-the-shoulder look. Either way, you will end up with a unique look.

Put pins on them

If the pin trend should tell you anything, it is that the 90s are still with us. If you look online, you will find loads of affordable and stylish collar and enamel pins that will give you the opportunity to transform plain clothing. For instance, if you have a drab denim jacket, you can use pins to make it look more interesting.

Add a collar

You should glam up your boring dresses, tops, and tees by adding a collar to them. You can make a collar from almost any fabric to create a distinctive outfit. However, making a collar requires a bit of sewing expertise. If you are not good with needles and thread, you should look for other ways to customize cheer uniforms.

Shorten it

Are you looking for a fun way to update an old skirt or dress that has been in the back of your closet for ages? You can also customize an old pair of pants that everyone seems to have by cutting off several inches. When you take several inches off the bottom, the outfit will look and feel brand new. You should not leave your dress, pants, or skirt looking frayed; make sure that you hem the bottom.

Dye them

You can bring your plain and faded clothes back to life by changing their color using dye. Whether you choose to Shibori, ombre, or tie-dye, you will be able to fill your wardrobe with works-of-art without spending too much cash. You can also change the color of an old pair of jeans to make them look new.

Use patches

Hip and easy-to-apply patches are making a comeback this year. You can use patches to embellish everything from your denim coat to a canvas tote. Doing so will allow you to create a unique look that is all yours. Elbow patches are another cool addition that you can make to your jackets and shirts.


Iron-on elbow patches are easy enough to add and are available in a wide range of colors. To appear impeccably tailored, just iron your favorite elbow patches onto your old sweaters and long-sleeved shirts.


Although it sounds a bit old school, monogramming your clothes can make them look swanky. In this age of technology, you just have to go online to monogram anything that you want. If you have a local tailor, just ask him/her to embroider a custom look for you.

Screen print

Although you should leave the big jobs to the professionals, you can still screen-print your clothes from home. Do this by using an iron-on transfer with your own unique design on it. You can also commission your own custom piece if you want to make a bold statement.

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