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These are the 5 Best Foods to Eat After a Draining Workout

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Written by Ben Davis

Workouts can surely get sweaty if you are a regular gym-goer and someone who cares about the physique. The results of a good workout are tremendous. You can have a pleasant day with increased productivity and wonderful peace of mind after a good morning workout. However, there are times when you feel ‘too’ weak physically after a long exercise routine.

It is important to replenish yourself with fluids and instant energy foods to be able to perform at your top level again. Here are the 5 best foods that you must eat after a physically draining workout routine.

  1. Cherry Juice

Your motive of muscle building is crushed if you do not take in proper food after a good workout. Cherry juice is a rich source of antioxidants which prevents muscle damage. Drinking a glass of this juice will prevent muscle soreness and help regain the strength after exercise.

Fresh juices that are prepared by hand will give more energy and are healthier when compared to concentrated juices that are packed already. Add a light snack to your plate using Foodpanda coupons offered by CashKaro along with Cherry Juice to boost your energy.

  1. Green Tea

An energy booster when you need it the most, Green Tea is also a fat-burning drink which has radical-fighting compounds. The powerful antioxidants repair the damaged muscles and eliminate muscle soreness. Green Tea is also very good for heart diseases and cancer.

You can brew green tea yourself with a little ginger before you hit the gym. By the time you are back, a perfectly chilled refreshing drink will be awaiting you.

  1. Eggs

A good source of protein, eggs have amino acids that aid in faster recovery of damaged muscles. It is the most nutritional diet that you can have after a heavy workout routine. The yellow yolk has more than half of the protein content in it, be sure to not avoid it!

Raw eggs are wonderful to have after a workout, the reason being, they are healthier and provide more energy. You can however, toast the eggs if you feel raw eggs don’t suit your taste. You can order an egg recipe based on your choice using Swiggy coupons that are easily available on CashKaro.

  1. Whey

One scoop of the powdered form of whey contains as much protein as a whole chicken breast. You can take a scoop along with milk after a workout to replenish yourself and go on a tougher trail throughout the day.

You don’t need to be a muscle-head to be able to consume whey protein powders. They can be supplemented with carbohydrates like juices or shakes for a good overall morning breakfast before the hectic day begins.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

A good complementary food after a workout, sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and give instant energy to the body. They work well with butter and cream. They are also essential sources of fiber which is needed to stay active throughout the day.

It is recommended to take at least a single sweet potato after workout to put you well on the way to recovery from muscle soreness.

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