Why chest exercises are so important for fitness enthusiasts

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Almost every man with a fascination towards achieving a perfectly shaped physique nowadays desires a muscular and strong chest. Not only men, women too are taking part in daily Chest Exercises at the gym to give themselves a curvy figure and making their appearance even better. Contrary to popular belief – no changes occur in the breast size of women when they partake in these exercises, so they can safely do these. Any individual can achieve a powerful and fit set of pectoral muscles if they follow a well designed set of chest exercises.

Each and every chest exercise usually targets the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor muscles. The former is a fan shaped and thick muscle located at the anterior of an individual’s chest, and the later is a triangular thin muscle located just below the major muscle. For any bodybuilder, the pectoralis major muscle is perhaps the most important factor when considering Chest Exercises. But for those who want to increase the level of their overall fitness, then they need to focus on both the muscles.

Chest exercises

Types of exercises

Most of these Chest Exercises involve weight training of one type or the other. Whenever you are considering these exercises, you need to keep a very important factor in mind – each and every exercise targets different muscle areas. So know these targeted areas before you make up a workout routine. Let us take the dumbbell press as an example. This workout is all about lying flat on a bench and lifting weights from your chest upwards. This is actually a combination of three different exercises, which targets the upper portion of the chest, the pectoralis major, and the lower portion of the chest as well. Some of the most commonly followed workout routines also include pushups and dumbbell flies, all of which are perfect for chest muscle development.

Type of equipment required

When you decide on starting with chest exercises, you need to have different types of dumbbell weights ready for you to work on your weight training. Or you can also go for a single dumbbell with interchangeable weights, as this model comes in very handy and is space saving as well. Dumbbell racks and weight trees are perfect for keeping your weights organized after your workout sessions. You also need to get an adjustable bench for all your dumbbell flies and bench presses. The bench should have an angle adjusting lever for you to change the angles every time you do a different set of a different exercise. Also, make it a point to keep your budget in mind when you are at the sporting goods store looking for dumbbells and adjustable benches. Over-exorbitant sporting goods can often be a source of financial discomfort for you. So shop smartly.

Whichever workout regime you might decide to work on, you need to ensure that you start at a moderate level and then take the effort level up. Going pro from the first day will be a huge stress on your muscles, which you simply cannot afford. So take it easy.

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