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Could Hockessin become a food-lovers destination?

Written by Fred Durks

The flags on the front porch were flapping in the wind, and the white twinkle lights were turned on. George Esterling III tied on an apron last Friday and had his sturdy oyster shucking knife ready.

The owner of George & Sons’ Seafood Market was gearing up for the opening night of his brand new raw oyster bar and anticipated an onslaught of shellfish lovers.

Esterling says he is nervous and excited about the venture inside the Hockessin market at 1216 Old Lancaster Pike, which some might remember as the former Casapulla’s sub shop.

He says his two sons, George IV, and Tyler, came up with the idea to enhance their retail seafood market by introducing a nine-seat oyster bar and an additional 36 seats where patrons can dine-in and enjoy raw and steamed seafood along with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine.

“I want a nice place where you can get some really neat oysters,” say Esterling of the family friendly establishment. “Me and the kids are totally into it.”

Delaware food lovers, want to be ahead of the crowd when it comes to knowing what might be one of the most evolving places in the state for good eats?

Would you believe it’s Hockessin?

The staid bedroom community, home to more than 13,520 residents, is perhaps best known for the wafting and occasional pungent aroma from nearby mushroom farms. But, it has potential to become a food destination. In recent years, more restaurants and businesses catering to people who obsess about their next meal – usually while eating their current one – have been popping up.

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