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New McDonald’s In Phoenix Run Entirely By Robots

Robots working at McDonalds
Written by Jimmy Rustling
McDonald's store hiring robot

A McDonald’s restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona is employing nothing but robots to run its daily operations and entire workforce. (AP Photo/Dennis System)

Phoenix, AZ — After seeing a decline in earnings for the first time in nine years, McDonald’s plans to do something no other restaurant of its kind has ever done before; open a store run entirely by robots.

The store is set to open July 4th in Phoenix, Arizona once the state-of-the-art robot remodel is complete. The restaurant will still employ a small team of human employees to insure all of the robots are working correctly, the food and cleaning supplies remain stocked along with removing the money collected by the robots. Visitors to the restaurant will see these new robots working in harmony at a speed of 50 times faster than the average McDonald’s employee, with no chance of error. If the test launch for the store is a success, people can expect to see robots working in McDonald’s restaurants all over the country and the world.

The store’s new manager, Peter Gibbons, told CNN that he has worked with the robots at a product development facility in San Francisco for the last six months and speaks highly of the machines.

“These things are great! They get their work done in a fast and orderly manner, plus they don’t ask for cigarette breaks.”

37-year-old Paul Horner, a spokesman for McDonald’s told reporters that because of the demand for a $15/hr minimum wage, the company has been playing with the idea of a restaurant run entirely by robots

“With the high demand for a minimum wage of $15/hr and the protests getting worse every day, this is something we had to implement. Plus with the tremendous margin of human error, poor hygiene, lack of education, laziness, as well as the recent advancements in artificial intelligence it just make sense to automate our restaurants now rather than later.”

Sarah Bradley, a spokeswoman for Sock It Forward, a group that provides the homeless and those less fortunate in Arizona with brand new socks told ABC News that she approves of a $15/hr minimum wage increase.

“We see so many homeless people that work 40 hours a week, and that is just ridiculous,” Bradley said. “I think anyone not being claimed on someone else’s taxes deserves to make at least $15/hr. Some people just don’t have the physical or mental capability to get better jobs or go to college. I think in a country as great as ours, it is just sad that there are so many adults working 40 hours a week that have to worry about putting a roof over their head and food in their belly.”

Local Phoenix resident, 52-year-old Tom Downey, who has been unemployed for the last 3 years, was excited about the opening of a nearby McDonald’s until he heard about the robots.

“Now that they hire only robots, I don’t know what I can even do. I don’t have an education, a car, and now I’m not gonna even be able to get a burger job. Just the thought of having to go to the state unemployment office and stand in line with those scumbags!”

With this decision, shareholders can finally expect to see their stocks on the rise once again since employee salaries are not only cut, but eliminated. By eliminating employees, McDonald’s says it is projecting to make a full financial turnaround and see their stock (MCD) return to $105/share which was originally set back in 2014. In the U.S., first quarter comparable sales decreased 2.6% as product and promotional offers did not meet expectations. U.S. operating income for the quarter declined 11%, reflecting weak sales and the impact of restructuring and restaurant closing charges.

42-year-old Milton Waddams, an unemployed fast food worker, told reporters he is extremely disappointed by the decision to employ only robots instead of humans.

“The McDonald’s had my resume, I had already completed two job interviews there and they said I was scheduled to work once the new store opened and said they would return my phone call but they never called,” Waddams said. “I need a job I said, and I was told by Betty in HR that they have my resume on file, but they never called, and Sandra told me to talk to Bill, and then I hear of the robots instead of regular humans and that’s not what I asked for. And I need the job I told them, but there’s robots, so now I’m going to have to find another place of employment. And they were big giant robots, and I said no, no robots at McDonald’s. I could set the building on fire.”

Former grill cook, Tom Smykowski, from the original Phoenix McDonald’s location before it was shutdown for robot repairs and upgrades, is still mad about losing his job.

“You know there are people in this world who don’t have to put up with all this?” Smykowski told FOX News. “You see, that’s what you have to do. You have to use your mind and come up with some really great idea like that and you never have to work again,” but Smykowski’s friendly attitude suddenly turns to anger, “Well-well look. I already told you: I dealt with the go*damn employees so the customers would get the correct order. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?”

Horner said he is excited to pave the way to a more automated workforce, hence a more reliable and affordable one.

“Robots are the future of McDonald’s in the United States and around the world,” Horner said, “Human workers want more pay and this has created giant protests which need our attention now before it is too late. Robots will decrease prices, increase productivity and make for better food.” Horner continued, “Human beings were not meant to stand and make burgers all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements. Now I’ve had a chance to meet with some of these robots, and boy, they are just straight shooters with upper management written all over them.”

The new robot McDonald’s is located at 7th St & McDowell Rd in downtown Phoenix. McDonald’s says that if the store is a success, 25,000 more robot-run restaurants will be built in the next three years. It is still unclear at this time what the robots look like or how customers will complete transactions as this information is being kept under strict confidentiality, but come July these questions will be answered. Will it be the right or wrong decision for McDonald’s? In the end, it will come down to what is best for the shareholders and the customer. The employees hoping to make $15/hr so they can afford basic human needs such as shelter and food; it looks like they will have to wait in line.

If you have any further questions about the robot-run establishment, McDonanld’s has setup a 24-hour robot hotline at (785) 273-0325.

VIDEO: McDonald’s Run Entirely By Robots

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BREAKING NEWS: McDonald’s To Open 25,000 Robot-Run Restaurants In The United States By 2016

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  • So, all those employees will be out of jobs??!! Way to go McDonald’s. First is was heart attacks and now you’re causing mass unemployment

    • Is it McDonald’s causing mass unemployment, or the people with no education that are demanding $15 to flip burgers causing it?

      • Their $15/hr comment is a scapegoat. That argument has only been had, and came to be in “some” states, in the past few years. They didn’t JUST now respond with this type of technology that takes YEARS to build and perfect. If anyone is so naive to believe this – they are the ones losing their fast food job.

        • It is obvious you have never run a business, “Rhonda.” You can claim all you want that the $15.00/hour wage “is a scapegoat” all you want. However, who hurried the technology along???? McDonald’s or the people ho wanted the $15.00/hour wage???? Labor the the largest single piece of overhead cost in running a business. Either a business finds a way to cut costs to maintain the profit margin or it goes out of business. It is simple Economics 101. You complain that it will take years to build and perfect this type of technology. That’s why they have “a minimum staff to make sure that the equipment keeps running properly. You obviously didn’t listen to the video.

          • Labor is a cost of doing business, McDeaths margin are huge. How much do the robots cost each? $500 K or what a worker would earn in thirty years? And yes, I’ve operated my own business.

        • The $15 hr pushed the Economics of the technology. Once labor cost are more then the automated equipment its a done deal. Same goes in Manufacturing.

          • Exactly right Dennis – there is a price point for labor at which it is no longer profitable to keep the number of employees who can be replaced by automation. Those who pushed and clamored for their $15 per hour should have seen this coming. And now that the technology is developed, they may be able to produce it on a scale where even those making $9 or $10 will be able to be displaced.

          • David your full of it! A kiosk is around $4,500.00 each with a yearly maintenance contract. The equipment is usually leased over a certain term contract, so minimal cost. Paying $5.00 more an our for low educated people is silly, Your business must have gone under!

      • I recently started a job at McDonald’s and I am amazed !!! These people work hard ! I suggest you personally see what happens on the other side of the counter before you open your mouth !

        • Oh snap…does the mustard go on the burger or the bun… what should I do? yep all those executive decisions would require a degree in burger flippin….

        • I currently own a business. I’ve owned a business of some kind since 2001. I’m 58 years old and I don’t have a college degree. Must of my education came from what college I did go to plus the time I put in at the Barns & Nobles Book Store and now Amazon books. I’m always reinventing myself because I don’t expect the government to have the money to take care of me when I’m older – and – it’s NOT the job of government to take care of me.

          My father was an alcoholic who was unstable and violent and my mother abandoned us kids about 13 times during my childhood. We suffered every abuse you can name. When we didn’t have a home to live in, it was our FAMILY who took us in, NOT the government.

          I left home at age 18, got married at 19 with my pregnant girlfriend and worked in a Coca Cola warehouse during the week and fast food on Friday night and weekends.

          I UNDERSTAND that you can’t pay for a FAMILY on fast food wages. That’s why I STOPPED doing it. I worked two jobs and found a way to save money, get some basic higher education in a field that paid more and had more “opportunity”.

          People MUST make themselves MORE valuable through self education and skills development.

          The world doesn’t want your negative ATTITUDE. They aren’t willing to pay good money for bad attitude. MOST people don’t even care what COLOR you are, as long as you are competent, kind and polite and come across as having some measure of COMPETENCE at what you do.

          I’ve worked for big companies and I’ve been laid off several times. I know what it feels like and the only answer is – ALWAYS EDUCATE YOURSELF AND MAKE YOURSELF MORE ‘VALUABLE’ TO – – SOCIETY.

          I manufacture products in China because that is where things are made. I hope to begin manufacturing in the US within the next couple of years. I plan on automating my manufacturing process as much as possible.


          #1. I started a business to earn money. The purpose of a business is to:

          a. solve a problem that people have
          b. get paid a price that people are willing to pay to solve the problem

          #2. Eventually earn more money than I would earn working for a boss. That includes maybe even “getting RICH” some day. It’s possible that I could fail miserably and die on the streets. I take that ‘uncomfortable’ RISK and that is what I get paid for – taking a risk.

          I’m NOT starting my business so that I can give anyone a job. Giving a job to anyone is not my driving motivation. Taking care of my own family IS my motivation.

          #3. I worked in fast food as my very first job. I’ve worked around the ‘attitude’ that some workers give to employers. Worker ‘attitude’ from low education people is the WORST part of running a business. Later in life, as I owned my own business, my greatest headache was the BS that came from my workers. I’m PAYING them to give me grief? I don’t THINK so.

          Now, I have more government MANDATES that cost even more money to manage. If I make even a small mis-step, I’m open to law suites and government fines plus legal costs to defend myself. Complying and defending also consume my TIME which could be used to run my business. Bottom line: Employees are too RISKY.

          Not only Fast Food workers are going to be affected. Taxes and all sorts of consulting jobs will go away. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Right now, you Google any answer you want. AI (Think IBM’s Watson) is now able to do what highly paid consultants are doing. Even lawyers (Do I hear any sobs of sympathy here? Hmmm. dead silence) are going to be affected as they already have with services such as Legal Zoom (which is not automated so much).

          Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, Space-X rockets) has already written that AI and automation pose existential hazards to our society; however, that is the way things are headed. Even combat is being automated with AI and unmanned ships and air craft. Look it up on YouTube.

          The world is changing just like it did at the beginning of the Industrial age. The US used to be the “China” of the world as we developed machines. Europe was in a panic as their jobs went “over seas” to the America.

          The cotton gin and automated harvesting made manual labor in the cotton fields obsolete. Does anyone want THAT job back? (I hear silence).

          Each person has a moral and FAMILY obligation to constantly be improving themselves. I did and still do and I’m almost age 60.

          I’ve lived in China and I can say this: The Chinese are hell bent on being BETTER than the US in EVERY way. They study hard, learn to speak English, watch US TV and news, read classical western literature and are now transitioning from producing FAKE products to actually INNOVATING new ideas. Who’s the world leader in the small drone market? Chinese. NOT Americans.

          While Americans sleep, they study and work. While low wage people refuse to rise up and better themselves, Chinese learn a new skill, read a new book, study the success of American businesses and now engage in self improvement and positive mental attitudes of success.

          If YOU as an American want to survive what’s coming, then you need to REINVENT yourself each day. Always educate yourself, your kids and also avoid debt.

          If you are low income and no savings, then as a family and community, you need to stick together and work together to support each other in owning a home debt free – even if 3 generations have to live under one roof and working 18 hours a day paying the mortgage off early. Put your kids through some kind of further education. Pool your resources.

          Do you need a university degree to succeed? NO! I don’t have one and I’m doing quite well.

          Do you need to be WHITE to succeed? ONLY if you have it in your mind that being non-white is going to hold YOU back.

          Do you think any customer cares one hoot about your skin color?

          Do you know how EASY it is to start your own brand of anything using “White Label” (i.e. generic) manufacturing and then develop your own brand? I do it. I learned how from the Internet. What do you think all of those ‘famous’ brands do? hehehe

          Why don’t YOU start MANUFACTURING something and sell it? It’s NOT complex. Chinese do small manufacturing from what is no more than the size of a one-car garage and then as they grow, they get something larger. Many people get self righteous and say that’s undignified, sweatshop labor – not if YOU own the business and you want to get ahead.

          Bottom line: The survivors and winners in the new age are going to use their CREATIVE abilities to solve new problems. Unskilled labor is going the way of the dinasaur. Extinct. Adapt or die. Government can’t pay uneducated people to not work because people like me aren’t going to settle for it. At some point, it makes more sense for me to stop working and creating and just retire. Take my my bank debit card and do cash withdrawals from an ATM machine in another country very cheaply or just hang out in the US.

          If I am forced to remain and pay for uneducated, apathetic people in society, then I’m gonna be their DADDY. If anyone is above a certain age and hasn’t taken advantage of FREE education, cheap books via Amazon and hasn’t bettered themselves with some new skills, then that person is PROVEN that they are INCOMPETENT to manage their own lives.

          YOU are responsible for your prosperity; NOT ME.

          I didn’t wake up at 4:00 AM this morning looking for a new way to GIVE YOU a job. That was never my purpose for owning a business and it never will be.


          What’s the last book you read?
          What’s the latest skill that you’ve developed?
          What’s the last culture that you’ve tried to learn about? Language to learn?
          How positive is your personality – even in the face of difficulties?

          NOBODY was ever guaranteed health, wealth and happiness. Everyone DESERVING it and CREATING it are two matters.

          Wishing everyone the best, wherever their lives take them – rich or poor.

          I just happened across this web site and won’t be monitoring it for comments.

          • OUTSTANDING Jack.
            I gew up in a project where our rent was determined by how much our parents errand. We were lucky enough to later move from there until my Dad died and we had to move back. When my mother was able to get the Social Security for my Dad being dead we moved again. While in high school I collected bottles during lunch and later worked as an usher then doorman then manager at the local theaters. Top pay was 90 cents ah hour. When I graduated I enlisted in the Army and went to Vietnam. Got out of the Army after three years and went to school for a while again. A year and half passed and I ended up enlisting in the Air Force and stayed for 19 plus years. When I retired I worked again for the V.A. for over 11 years and now work intermittently for the Army. One of the biggest things I remember is that my parents NEVER ever told me and my sister that we WERE POOR…. We knew that what ever we wanted we had to go and get it and that it would not be given to us. With that attitude my sister and I both got married both owned our homes and have kids that work for everything they have. You need to learn that NO ONE OWES YOU A JOB…… GOD help this poor country.

          • Bingo Jack! Well stated, and well done. Wishing you unlimited success and riches for your hard work.

          • First of all, a little FYI. Each McDonald’s is a franchise owned by a Franchise Owner. It isn’t owned by “McDonald’s.” Secondly, the franchise owner has to pay regular franchise fees back to “McDonald’s” on a regular basis. The average profit margin for a McDonald’s franchise averages anywhere between 10% to just under 20%. That’s not including the competition that they’re up against (like Wendy’s, Carl’s, Jr., Hardee’s. Whataburger, Taco Bell, etc.) Some of those profits have to be put back into the business for regular maintenance. The overhead (franchise fees, paying salaries, paying for McDonald’s products, food resupply, paying of gas and electric, etc.) came from the remainder. Now, “Fight For 15” wants 15.00/hour minimum wage hike???? Automation is quickly taking over. Maybe these people might want to try to apply for a Federal Government job. They might try that.

          • EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT comment!!! I can’t add a thing to what you’ve already said, Jack! 🙂

          • Read every word just an outstanding complete answer to so much of our issues …id love to meet. Mr Jack
            And have dinner with him
            .im 56 owed 2 small businesses but not near hia level . Jack has insight on so many topics i wish he would write cause i for sure would read every word

          • Would LOVE to share this Jack but I don’t know how… Could you send this to me so I can SHARE!! Thank you and may God continue to Bless you!!

          • Very informative. I agree with you 100%. I just wonder how many unskilled, uneducated people have any idea what yhe future holds? Especially for the nexy generation. Children learn from example. I just hope schools stress the importance of knowledge, gaining skills and getting an education is vital

          • You have VERY good POINTS, Jack. The KEY to LIFE is to CAPITALIZE words that you want to EMPHASIZE… I’m just playin.

            But seriously, that really is how life works. The sooner you quit playing the victim, the sooner you can adapt and overcome life’s adversities. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not going to crash and burn!

            While I do agree that the minimum wage needs a bump, I think we need to kinda ease up to the $15/hr. Doubling it overnight is just going to put a little too much strain on the economy. These are hard times, but the US is already using an unsustainable economic model… no need to hit the gas when we’re driving off the cliff, ya’meen?

          • One of the most constructive comments I’ve read. Wish you the utmost success in your entrepreneurial ventures.

          • That’s really it. here I am at 8 am working on my OpenStack cluster or getting better at programming to better myself. Instead of going out all night or drinking every day. Most people aren’t willing to do that but they are willing to complain they don’t get any breaks.

        • Hard work – but work that is mundane and unskilled. AKA – not a very competitive field, rightly so because it’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a place for a high school kid to make pocket money – not for a grown-ass adult to feed their family with. Get your shit together, reach higher than being a fun-ployee at a McJob and get a fucking career by sacrificing your time off, no more “poppin’ bottles” on the weekends, no more chillin’ with the friends, nada – start building your education, your contacts, your skillset(s) or any combination of.

          Oh, I’m sorry – you have kids? Who’s fault is that?

          • Nope. you’re wrong about minimum wage jobs being only for teenagers it was meant to be a living wage for everyone. Franklin Roosevelt believed it should be more than just a living wage in fact when he passed the Fair Standards Labor Act in 1938. So saying it wasnt meant to feed a family or support a person is actually incorrect. Try educating yourself first before making ignorant assumptions. So thanks for playing better luck next time.

          • You also seem to think that all “unskilled” labor is and should be paid poorly. If that was case than garbagemen wouldnt be making 50, 60, even upwards to 100k a year so you failed yet again.

        • I have been to McDonald’s all over this country, and also in Germany, England, and Australia. And from my many years of experiences with McDonald’s: yours is one of the few where where people “work hard”. And yes, I used to work at McDonald’s for a while, just like many Americans do, before they move up the job ladder. So, I am speaking from experience.

      • McDonalds is – when I hear people complain about workers fighting for the right to a living wage it reminds me of the arguments I’ve read about from people who were against freeing the slaves….it’s sad because we are all in the same boat together. If the min wage worker makes more they are able to spend more and rely less on government assistance. Is there NO room for less profit on the top?

      • If you read the entire article, you will find that the McDonald’s stock was declining in value, and it is always about the “bottom line” when it comes to stockholders. This robotization was bound to happen. They will still need low skilled workers to clean the place, though. The future is all about technological advances. I don’t think that anyone should believe the $15 an hour argument.

        • > They will still need low skilled workers to clean the place, though

          Nope, they won’t.
          Machines can auto-clean themselves and robots can handle the rest EASILY – one person to oversee it all will be enough.

      • I agree with you, it is the unskilled workers demanding $15.00 an hour,
        that are causing the loss of their own jobs.
        Because it is just not worth it financially to McDonalds to pay these people $15.00
        an hour for job duties that are not worth that much.

        Heck, I used to work as a Technical Support Rep. At a major computer company,
        solving complex computer problems for customers, and even I did not get $15.00
        an hour, and I was highly trained, highly skilled, AND I spoke perfect English,
        and understood English. Because I was born and raised in America, and I am
        of Central European Heritage thanks to my grandparents.

        So there is no way in hell, any company is going to pay $15.00 an hour,
        to people with little to no skills, to just prepare fast food.
        Not when they have a corporation to run, and a certain financial structure to maintain.

      • Yet in Europe they have $15-22/hr wages and they have laws regarding robots. It is no wonder 63% of Americans have no degree as most can’t afford $50,000-150,000 in debt. In fact of the 37 industrialized countries only American has student debt. No wonder we rank 37th out of 37 in education. Yet Americans have no problem bailing out bankers who crashed the economy by 1.7 trillion. Or the 330 billion in corporate welfare each year. Then these same greedy corporations pay wages so low that people need taxpayer subsidised foodstamps and medicaid.

      • Yet they have been profitable in Europe with a higher wage. Even big pharma makes more money I’m Europe by selling QoL drugs to 25x as many people at a quarter the cost.

      • I used to work in fast food. It was my first job at age 17. Iearned $0.97 an hour and the minimum wage was later raised to $1.25.

        A worker, very much like the ones you see in the news, put a hamburger patty in her mouth and spit on it before cooking it for the customer because the customer made her angry.

        I worked with two kinds of people:

        #1. High school kids and college students paying for their tuition and living expenses. The HS students were working after school and saving money to pay for their college education. They were happy, positive people and had a vision for their lives. These people came from all races and ethnic backgrounds – even Nigeria.

        #2. People who were uneducated, married with kids and no long term direction in life. These people caused 80% of the problems at the store and were generally unpleasant to work around (but not always because some were quite nice).

        The fist group had no intention of staying in fast food and, like me, went on to earn higher incomes.

        The second group did nothing. They remained at the bottom and complained about how unfair the world was to them. Nobody ever got ahead by being a victim or complaining about their life.

      • That is still not a workable waged to raise a family or for a single person to survive on that is still pretty far down the ladder and most places only let them work less then 40 hours a week, so they don’t have to dish out benefits, etc. The rich need to have to live off of that for a year and a block be put on their riches so they finally get the picture of what it’s really like out there.

        • I’m sure if and when you open your own business you’ll be paying your employees a ‘living wage’ for unskilled labor, and you’ll be more’n happy to ‘dish out for benefits, etc.’ That way, when you’re done paying your own unskilled labor, you’ll find there’s no ‘profit’ left for you to support yourself and your families. You see, the customers aren’t going to pay $8 for a hamburger. It’s just that simple.

        • Many of the rich people did exactly that – Lived in a bit of squalor. This gave them incentive to NOT do that for the rest of their lives. Trouble is that incentive doesn’t work for many people and they will demand it be given to them always.

          People need to start looking out for what their goals and dreams are – then WORKING toward it. Sure – use McD’s to get a start. Save some, invest it. Put it toward bettering yourself and gain more skills. Make yourself more valuable to “society”. Then go and GET the life you want. We are all put here with equal opportunity. It’s what an individual puts in that separates them from the “crowd”. That being broke people, in this case. Hang out with broke people – end up just like them. Maybe people could change who they hang out with.

          Hands up – Not hand outs.

    • Is it McD’s causing mass unemployment or the unskilled workers asking for $15/hr? Big question… hmmm, I don’t know, I would have to say both sides are to blame, no? Well, sure the workers are asking for $15 which is foolish. But they didn’t point it out in clear words in this article, but they did touch on the subject (without explaining why they mentioned it) – their share prices. Well, why’s that a concern? Well, unless if you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last 10 years, you know about McD’s slow decline which has been accelerating rappidly as of late. It all started with that Super Size Me Movie – that was the moment when people started questioning what is it that they buy from this place called McD’s? Is it good for you? It went from that to people talking about all over the place and online, you know – P2P marketing – but in a bad way to them. You can find youtube videos all over the place showing Big Macs that don’t mold or rot 5 years after purchase, same with their fries. Is this really food? Or is it plastic? Or is it both? 100% beef? Last time I checked real beef rots in days, not years! Plus all the food they mix with the plastics in their “food” is GMO – and people don’t want that neither. So, people are more informed now, people don’t want to eat their Mc”food”. The article didn’t mention it, but unless if you haven’t heard – google it – McDonald’s has been losing money fast – their earnings have been steadily on decline for the last 11 consecutive months. This is their move of desperation trying to avoid bankruptcy – their workers expect $15 an hour, and their customers are fleeing their stores in droves – they don’t want their plastic, GMO, fake “food” anymore. They’re humpty dumpty, and not all the kings horses, or all the king’s men won’t be able to put him back together again! No, robots will not fix McHumpty Dumpty, people will continue to avoid the so called “food” they sell, and I think the introduction of robots just might even accelerate their decline even more – people don’t want their so called “food” no more, and now, people will feel insulted that the place won’t even employ their lazy teenage son who can’t get a job even if he looked for one.

      • McDonald’s is the most successful restaurant franchise operation that ever was in history. No personal claim here, this is a statistical fact. I don’t ever see McDonald’s dying in the lifetime of our generation. They will automate, appeal to a strategic target among the population, do something different to accommodate that other words adapt…..and continue to prosper as they always have since the 1950’s. Honestly, an automated restaurant would be a franchise owner’s dream come true! I think that owning a business/franchise will be the wave of the future for those of us who maintain an income. Those that can’t adapt will simply just perish in the streets….

      • Exactly … We will have to see how this plays out , but with so many out of work due to robots the monetary system will be shaken to the core and a living wage will have to be instituted or we will be shipped of to Fema camps and slaughtered … Crisis point for Mankind … Progress usually comes from these points in time … History bears that out .

    • No it’s those greedy lazy uneducated people who want $15 an hour to flip a frigging burgers. They are the one who caused this. I’m laughing at those nitwit people and McDonald’s made a smart move to get rid of lazy greasy uneducated people out of jobs.

    • No, the employees are causing their own unemployment by demanding $15/hr. They are rude, belligerent, don’t use good hygiene, lazy, prone to mistakes, slow, ungrateful, late for work, miss work, undependable. I haven’t one ounce of pity for them. They all had an opportunity to free schooling, so don’t say they aren’t smart enough to get a better paying job. They all think they are entitled to everything! Now they can be entitled to dig ditches and mow lawns …..

    • Boycott!! Don’t even go to that store………….. or any store at all; for that matter. My husband and I have pretty much phased McDonald’s out of our lives because the food is getting worse and worse!! Not even worth eating anymore!! They are gross!!

    • Obviously you have never run a business, “Rhonda.” Otherwise, you would have known that labor costs are a good portion of the overhead (the costs of running a business) that are entailed by the owner.

    • Why is it MCDONALD’S fault? This is simple economics. A company exists to make as much profit as possible. It does that in many ways, but some of those are cost effective labor, cost effective manufacturing, doing away with unnecessary waste. Employees wanted $15 an hour? They got it. Company doesn’t make a profit now. Something has to go- Company, or cost. Since cost doesn’t matter if the company tanks, guess what goes? That’s right. Bye bye to employees. At least automated robots won’t keep putting pickles on my burger even after I said REPEATEDLY I didn’t want pickles… What are they? Retarded? Oh wait, they work at a McDonalds… silly question.

    • Excuse me huh it is you people that want 15.00 dollars an hour that is making mcd do what they are doing, you still don’t get it now do ya. mcd is not a place to be employed to raise a family unless you get into upper management and be educated enough to run a business. Yep and as for the unions what you pay them takes you right back down to under that 15.00 that the govnment has talked you in to thinking you are educated enough to receive.

    • I love it! Thank you McDonald’s for taking fast-food to a higher standard. I agree that you won’t have to hear the complaints of your workers any more and you won’t have to deal with their laziness and stupidity! GREAT JOB. I’m thinking of buying stock in your company if this keeps up! You are definitely stepping into the 21st Century with style!!!

    • $15 /hr wage is already causing the mass unemployment’s already. And it doesn’t affect only fast food places neither. Soon all entry level jobs will be cut because these greedy people wanted $15 for a skill that’s not worth more than $9. The wage will soon start raising your bread and milk at grocery stores. Everything is affected when you raise the minimum wage.

    • I’m along with you! Just how does a Robot know if the food is done, still raw, or whatever. I’d hate to eat at one of those places, the public and go else where to eat, I don’t trust the robots. Maybe they will fall on their noses if business cuts down… Samantha

    • Samantha, you really haven’t thought this through. Forcing legitimate businesses to pay unskilled labor 15 dollars an hour is what’s causing these decisions to be made. Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

    • no the ones demanding such high wages and the high cost of business is causing these changes, those that can not automate will go out of business.

    • There is nothing preventing some of these people from completing their H.S. Education with a GED. And ABSOLUTELY nothing forcing anyone to patronize this location. Stop buying their product and they will be forced to make changes.
      Some of the people working at the McDonalds near my home are just lazy! Their lack of hygiene and wandering around the parking lot with cigarettes hanging from their mouths show just how motivated some of them are. If a business hires a person and gives them a paycheck, they deserve to expect that person to follow rules, show up on time and actually WORK their schedule. I’m not saying ALL of them are that way but there are far too many that fit that model.

    • Blame the workers themselves for demanding, yes, demanding, a $15/hour min wage. It’s ALL their fault! If they hadn’t been so greedy, they would still have jobs, but no, they wanted it all. Well, to effing bad!

    • are you really that retarded? sorry but seriously? This is caused entirely by you damn bleeding heart SJW libtards

  • Good! These boys need to go to college and get real jobs! Way to go McDonalds, I will be eating there more for sure

    • well i pay for my college now imagine if tomorrow i find out i will no longer work since robots do my fucking job

      • I submit that you have in fact never been to college or you would not have made this ignorant of a comment.

        • And I submit that smartertanhU is correct! 🙂 … Was ‘Steve’ working towards a degree in burger-flipping?! Must have gotten some wonderful help from his Guidance Counselor in High School, eh?

          • “plusafdotcom” and “smartertanhU” you both need to go back to school. He clearly stated he is currently in college and paying for his education by flipping burgers.

            So, “smartertanhU” if his comment is “ignorant” and means he couldn’t have possibly gone to college, your comment is beyond ignorant and fully in the realms of retarded and we can conclude that not only have you ever stepped through doors of a college, but you’re a high school dropout.

          • My daughter worked two to three part time jobs when going to college to help pay her college expenses besides studying , a few hours of sleep time….she has a Master’s degree in Business Marketing living in huge city working for huge company. IT was things or places like McDonalds that these youth work at to help pay their College education… so ones comments that they are getting education in flipping burgers…is unwarranted. Lots of people have to hold a couple of jobs to pay for their education, what did plusafdotcom have a free ride and party all the time. What is your degree and what company are you working for full time after college ?? that you can lip off to those that have to work for an education?

        • I submit that he has indeed been to college and is a fine example of why it’s no longer worth the inflated cost to attend unless you’re paying to learn a trade, engineering, computer science, pre-medicine, accounting or some other actually useful skill.

          • Exactly! Go to a trade school…you have much more chance of finding a job doing something you might actually like doing! College is fine, for those who want to be a doctor, lawyer, or anything that takes a ton of education. Most people only need to go to a trade school or take online classes to get a job…maybe not the job you want for your whole life, but it’s a stepping stone to where you want to go!

      • Um. To the STUPID folks. What Steve is trying to say is that what IF this starts to happen in other areas….NOT just “burger flipping”. Who knows if the aliens start to teach us how to make a robot work with “reasoning” and other intelligent skills. Ok…GO….to all the folks out there who haven’t lived or ever really educated themselves..

        • The only ones that are stupid are the ones calling others stupid, that is verbal abuse , name calling and downing people, people that do that are the stupid ones, and need to research and educate themselves on how to get along with others.

    • What about all the people that are going to college but have all the debt? Jobs like these help high school kids and college kids pay for college. How are they going to go to college if they get laid off. Not everybody has family that will pay for them. Some people have to pay for their own school. At the time this may be the only thing that will help them. All this is, is money for the company. They only want publicity, money for stock. Way to go mcdonalds to dehumanize society

      • McDonald’s of not a social welfare organization. It’s a profit making business whose first obligation is to maximize profit for its shareholders. The company has an absolute free market right to sidestep high wages for low skilled workers by using robots-kudos to them for having the backbone to do so on today’s political environment! I plan to give them more of my business as a shot in the arm for encouragement!… And encourage others to do so as well.

        • What you fail to understand is if everyone gets rid of all there staff there will be no customers and everyone will be on the dole not paying taxes! Lol
          Ps. I’m a commie! 🙂

          • At which point idiot Democrat politicians may FINALLY pull their heads out of their keysters long enough to recognize that their minimum-wage lunacy has to change. Cut the minimum wage to a level at which it again makes economic sense to hire unskilled labor rather than automate, and jobs for unskilled labor will return.

            Better yet: abolish the minimum wage. And if unskilled workers can’t support families on low-wage jobs, that’s on them. They shouldn’t have families they can’t support. Their irresponsibility shouldn’t be subsidized by consumers, let alone taxpayers.

      • Most of my education was paid for the the large companies that I worked for. They would pay my books and tuition if I took night classes and made passing scores. If I got A’s, they paid 100%. If I got B’s they paid 80%, if I got C’s, they paid 50% and if I got less, I paid the bill myself.

        I also went into the national guard (part time military) and used their education benefits. I would no longer recommend this because the US is hell bent on having wars and I don’t think gambling with your life just for an education is worth it.

        First: (Guys) Keep your snake in your pants and don’t have kids! (Girls) Don’t play with snakes!! It’s YOUR body and you are ALWAYS 100% responsible for consequences. That was my BIGGEST mistake as a young man. Having kids when I was financially ill prepared. Live at home, work part time and go to school at what ever education that you choose (It can be a trade school such as pipe fitting or welding or auto mechanics).

        AVOID DEBT. Debt will kill you! Student debt is like having a giant squid wrapped around you and it’s slowly killing you. Student debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy; any other kind of debt – EVEN INCOME TAXES that are unpaid can be discharged under the right situations.

        If paying off debt is simply not doable, then BANKRUPTCY. Period. After that, if you get back into debt, you deserve what ever hardship you bring on to yourself and NOBODY will have mercy on you.

  • His dreams of working at McDonalds have been completely shattered. What the heck is wrong with this country?

    • It will not decrease prices you or I will pay for our big mac. Prices will if anything go up gradually so that those poor share holders will make more money. Someone has to make more money, it certainly won’t be those greedy employees anymore.

      I remember when people thought items made in china was because it will save the consumer money since chinese labour is about 1/hr. Boy were they wrong. Eliminating the millions of US factory jobs saved US companies billions, cost consumers more overall for a far less quality product that they will have to replace more frequently now. Companies and their share holders made a massive win on that move, the middle class got stomped down to lower class.

      • With some of the orders I have received from humans in the fast food industry (food cold, wrong orders, forgot to put things in) Maybe, just maybe..the robots will be better at the job! I’ll bet they can at least count change back correctly…which I find many people cannot do without a calculator or adding machine that tells them how much to give back!

  • You know how the robots revolted in Terminator? It’s only a matter of time before that happens at this McDonald’s. Everyone needs to move their family out of the United States NOW while they still have a fighting chance.

    • Well first your name says it all – second you have either never been to a McDonalds or looked in the back and see what goes on. Lazy is not a term that I would use. I fell for their Management Program idea all I got was 8hrs a day with running my ass off to keep up with demand. If I wanted the training I would have to stay after work – on my own time to access the training from the intraweb that could not be accessed from home. You definitely come home at the end of the 10 hrs 8 hrs paid and 2 hours free a worn out person. Since I was a man with many years of Management experience I started at 9 dollars an hour with a promise of fast track entry into Management. I took this low pay and spent my own time and McDonalds didn’t follow through on their end. The main take away is that they work their asses off for little or nothing while the store (I worked at) netted 3 million a year.

        • So, McDonalds works people to the bone for low wages and “They are in business to make money…” But McDonalds workers demand a wage that is at the national poverty line and they’re lazy freeloaders who don’t work? What’s the whether like up your own ass?

      • I can see how you didn’t make it through the training program when you don’t even understand the difference between revenue and net.

      • Yeah lazy is the last word they should use to lump all the workers there together. Some of those people work like dogs! When you go to the doctor and they want to know where you get all the bruises and burns like they want to get the cops involved. When the doctor says to you “you should be fine to work in 3 days (with a knee sprain) just standing there taking orders and your the one running your rear end off in the kitchen. People get stuck in some jobs because of certain situations. You can find slugs in any job no matter the skill level. Just know you are a better person. That you may have a look down your nose job but, you are trying your best which sometimes is better than some of the big dogs do!

      • So, what you are saying is that you were given the opportunity to increase your worth through their online courses at no expense to yourself and felt that you were entitled to be paid for the free education? You are an example of what has gone wrong with this country.

  • When i go to McDonald’s .. which is rarely, my experiences have been that more than 50% of my orders are incorrect … on my last visit the “sandwich assembler” forgot the tomato .. WTF. When ordering breakfast I once joked to a McDonald’s manager by handing her a $5 bill and saying “give me something” … when she looked at me quizically, I said “I never get what I order anyways” .. The sarcasm went right over her head.

    • I love it when they claim that the robots will do everything “with no chance of error”– I really wish that people would learn that having robots do everything will not mean that it will be done “with no chance of error” but rather that the errors will be based on the errors of the programmers (or based on what the inevitable hackers want done when the system is hacked).

      • Listen to this girl’s remarks. She speaks the truth; overt and covert. She’s a smart girl. Don’t hold it against her, but don’t be apathetic either. Apathy will kill you.

        Chinese individual people are very good people. They work hard, study hard, hold the family as #1, work to support one another and . . . they are DETERMINED TO BE BETTER THAN THE U.S.A. They are proud to be Chinese and they are 100% intent on being #1 in anything – over the long haul.

        Arrogance, laziness and foolishness is the worst enemy of the U.S.A.

        Don’t hold it against a Chinese for for being proud of who they are, wanting what you have and wanting to be #1. DON’T BE LAZY OR APATHETIC TOWARD YOUR OWN COUNTRY, FAMILY OR SELF.

        Consider it like team sports; Team America vs Team Anyone Else.

    • Bob, I’m a law school educated individual and your “give me something” comment went right over my head too. Guess I’m stupid. But for once in your little minded, rock slithering of a substance, perhaps you could pull out a kind bone from your little minded head. Really? Must you be so insulting of someone else? I never look down on a man unless I’m there to help him/her up. You are part of the reason people suck. Who gives two shits if you didn’t get that extra pickle on your effing sandwich? NO ONE. Get over your little pampered, I must have been ass raped by my dad, self.

    • I always order two McDoubles without pickle – More than half the time I have pickes on one or both the McDoubles. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make an order the way it is requested. The reason McDonalds has a customer is because they can buy something to eat that is made the way they want it to taste. Errors in making an order are inexcusable. If the person assembling the andwich is too challenged to make the order properly, they don’t need to make $15.00 per hour

  • This will cut down on labor costs, but will put a lot of people out of business… I don’t know what to think

    • BINGO! You raise a very good point.

      Taken to it’s highest level of manifestation, theoretically, even mining could be automated, AI could design products and “lights out” fully automated factories could produce almost everything and collect our rubbish, recycle it, re-blend it and re-manufacture it.

      Humanity is going to need to re-define itself and redefine economics and sustainment of life.

      In the past, without machines, we needed to use our bodies to dig minerals out of the earth to create things to make life easier, economies, etc.

      We are entering an era where we can live in comfort, but provided for a “machine”.

      Theoretically, our food, clothing and transportation can be provided through automated means.

      A new ‘system’ would be created; however, WHO controls the ubiquitous MACHINE.

      Human being would then focus their efforts on pursuits of pleasure, knowledge, interesting work or what ever without needing to do dull or physically damaging work. Hmmm….sounds too ‘Utopian’ to me.

      Is it unnerving? Yes, it sure it. We can deal with it. We’ll be fine; maybe a bit confused as it all shakes out, but we’ll be fine.

      • Well, if you take a look at just the last 100 years (200 even better) you can easily see that with each major step in automation and labor-saving innovation in manufacturing, the human race became significantly more wealthy, work hours decreased, the concept of “poor” was significantly elevated and we all became better off. Hell, at this point the people that we consider “poor” have wealth beyond the wildest dreams of upper middle class or even basically wealthy people of the 1800’s. They have more and better food, much more sanitary living conditions, work far less and far less dangerously, have a far longer life expectancy, are far more healthy, have much better access to a much, much better health-care system, etc. All this after the whole industrial revolution automated most jobs that previously existed out of existence. We really no longer have blacksmiths, coopers, stable boys (to any real extent), wagon makers, wheel wrights, and any number of other such positions. Carpenters, who even in my father’s early career were restricted by union rules from using a power saw, use power tools and we need far fewer to build the same number of similar sized homes. So now we build more and bigger. We no longer have to use horse drawn sledges to grade a road so now we have super highways. In other words, progress is a GOOD THING! It improves the human condition. There will be transition pains just as their were when buggy whip makers had to find something else to do, but it all worked out! I don’t think that I can get any more exited replying to comments that seem to have missed that the original posting was a joke to begin with, but the whole concept of people being afraid of every step toward the future bothers me.

  • The wars of the future will not be fought on the battlefield or at sea. They will be fought in space, or possibly on top of a very tall mountain. In either case, most of the actual fighting will be done by small robots. And as you go forth today remember always your duty is clear: To build and maintain those robots. — The Simpsons

  • how will the robot handle special order requests – “double the azidocarbonide, high frustose corn syrup, silic one, aluminium, etc.?”

  • In 1971, when I was in high school, and making a $1.65 an hour, McDonald’s was considered a top notch job for teens that wanted to work, and could maintain decent grades at the sametime. Interestingly enough, when we were in school, and McDonald’s was open for business during the day, retirees who wanted to stay busy worked the shifts during school hours. During that same time in the history of the U.S., immigration was limited to those who could hold their own in this country, while high school students were taught a trade if they chose not to go to college or join the military.

    Now fast forward to the “progressive” 21st century where foreigners that speak little or no English, head straight for the welfare and unemployment lines, and work in those jobs once held by high school students. They have no skills, they take money from our economy and ship it home to “their” countries (more than a few I’ve talked to have no interest in being U.S. citizens), and our education system has devalued a college education by telling everyone that they must go to college, which means that an AA or a BA really doesn’t mean much anymore to the point that employees with college degrees are only making 10.00 an hour. Now couple that with the losers that think they are entitled to 15.00 an hour for flipping burgers instead of gaining skills that justify a 15.00 an hour wage, along with liberals in political offices in cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles that force businesses to pay outrageous wages, and it does my heart good to see businesses, even businesses run by liberals push back and think outside the box to avoid paying 15.00 an hour for an ungrateful and unskilled loser that they hired.

    Way to go Mickey D’s!

    • This is bullshit. Adjusted for inflation, $15.00 is about where the minimum wage should be. A well educated soul could certainly aim higher.

      To the extent these highly profitable companies pay their employees poorly enough to qualify for food stamps shows who the real welfare queens really are.

      Their shitty robot idea will not fly; it’s a glorified vending machine solution.

  • Machines are causing unemployment, but it will be a good thing. Human beings shouldn’t do that kind of soul killing and demeaning work. Humans should have free access to all the education they can use and we should build a bright future, get off this rock! 🙂

  • Odd part of the $15 per hour crowd is they complain they can’t affordrent and other expenses. Maybe the $15 crowd should quit smoking and buying smart phones. A pack of cigarettes costs as much as they make in an hour.

  • I think this idea is Horrible! Just because something becomes more difficult, does Not mean you throw in the towel and just forget what McDonald’s is all about! This quote was taken from the McDonald’s website from the Founder Ray Kroc….. “Our founding father Ray Kroc once said, “McDonald’s is a people business”. We operate with the belief that it’s essential to be a part of the communities that we serve.” So, let me ask you then…….How will McDonald’s be a people business and be an essential part of Any community if they are run by Robots?!

  • In response to this development by McDonald’s I will no longer be patronizing any of their restaurants and I will be strongly encouraging all my family, friends and acquaintances to boycott as well. To think it appropriate to disrespect flesh and blood workers and hope to sell their products to the same is insanity. Goodbye McDonald’s!

  • The net effect of raising the minimum wage @ Mickey D’s is it is expediting better service @ less cost by automating there service , the net down side to raising the minimum wage is the jobs that can not be automated but the supply of labor & need is such that they could provide a certain number of jobs @ a lower rate than the minimum wage , is that total number of jobs will not be filled because of government regulation, hence increasing unemployment by government statute !

  • McDonald’s food sucks anyways lol..fake burgers and over salted fries. Not to mention fake chicken they need to do something to get people eating there again i will go just once to see it work but definitely not eating that crap

  • We live in a capitalist country, not a socialist one. Businesses have zero responsibility to provide for jobs, all they care about and rightfully so is their bottom line. This is the land of opportunity for a reason people, get off your asses and make something for yourself instead of expecting big business or the government to provide for you, it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Oh look my comment was completely changed by the moderator of the article. So I guess you can erase this one too. This is fake sheeple.

  • I do not agree with this at all!! This is taking jobs away from people who need to work!! If people are not working, they are not making money and therefor they are not spending money!! DUH!! If we replace people with robots, soon your business will crumble because no one has a job anymore and therefor no one is spending money at your establishment!! Then what?? People need to work and make money so you can make money!!

  • I know this all sounds good for McDonalds, but soon we all may be replaced by robots.
    Think about it.
    Can a robot be built to take the job or career you have?
    Look further down the road.
    This is like a baby learning to crawl.
    What will happen to the world, to us, when that baby can run?

  • There is NO WAY that McDonald’s would survive being run completely by robots; there are certain things that can only be handled by humans, and even with the presence of the touchscreens where customers can order their food without going to the counter (which I firmly believe is the fast-food industry’s response to the whiners who insist they be paid $15 an hour for a job that is meant for teens who are still living at home), there still needs to be some sort of human contact at the other end.

  • I would never give business to a restaurant run by robots… never. Just gives me another reason to never give that company any of my time or money.

    • With you, 100%. Let their robots collect dust. Unless and until these corporations throw in to support a UGI–well, to twist a quote of one of their great icons: “Let Them Eat (their own) Burgers!”

  • Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) did a stand-up routine about the only thing you’ll remember from economics courses is “Supply and demand.”

    Yep. You can demand $15 an hour wage but if you’re not worth that, a cheaper substitute will take your job away.

    You can throw a tantrum but it won’t get you your job back at a price higher than you’re worth. That’s because “supply and demand” is a natural law, like gravity.

  • I’m 35 and just found out that my dream job at the bank is going to be replaced by a robot called an automated teller machine. Now there are no jobs left but for me to continue doing laundry and cleaning windows for my mom’s weakly allowance.

  • The Republicans commenting on here are fucking morons, and I don’t understand how they don’t see it, but let me try and break it down for them so they understand…

    EVERY JOB in the world has people that are lazy and feel entitled etc etc etc

    MOST people that work at McDonald’s are young kids going to school or who couldn’t get into school and McDonald’s is pretty much the best they can do. The other 10% can do better, but don’t, because they are lazy.

    NOW… compare that to any other job out there… a hedge fund company on Wall Street, hell, a job I worked at years ago…

    I was running a mortgage company making about $30,000 a month. I would show up to work, extremely hung over, around 10 or 11am. Take a long lunch, leave by 3 or 4 pm, and then go drink my face off, party in the VIP rooms, bang hookers and do cocaine till 6am on a fucking Tuesday. That’s about as lazy as it gets. But in our society who gets props and respect? The mortgage broker making $30k a month. And it’s only because I have a higher IQ and I’m intelligent. I didn’t go to school or take any special training. If I didn’t have this higher IQ or intelligence, and couldn’t afford school or special training, then guess where I’m probably going to end up working? McDonald’s… or slinging crack rock and then in prison.

    So, you dumb fucking Republicans, wake the fuck up and stop being so goddamn ignorant. Get out of your echo chamber of Fox News, hate and religious fanaticalism, because it’s getting really goddamn boring hearing the same dumb shit all the fucking time.

    • First, Look in the mirror for hate and intolerance.

      Second, Don’t blame anyone or anything else for dumbing-down America. Stay at home and watch MSM (Main Stream Media) for a day or two and you will get your fill (or Dr. Phil) of mind numbing Kardasian news, fashion tips (of which most cannot afford), lifestyles (the only cruise or adventure were US Navy submarines), and feeling sorry for those less fortunate (immigrant leaches). Fox and religion are positive (Fox news can be tedious and repetitive though).

      Thirdly, My wife worked in the mortgage business and I know its abusers. You sold worthless paper, defrauded millions $$$ (and took a commission – $30K/mo), and lied to people to sell crap.

      Democrats prefer their voters DUMB or felonious. For having such an high IQ, you fit both categories. FannieMay and FreddieMac were run by the DNC to funnel money into their pockets. There are more Democratic millionaires and billionaires than Repubs. Wall Street was bribed $1.2T/yr for six years to keep the economy running (the 1%ers are even richer than before). We now have fewer jobs, more workers and more regulations preventing business growth.

      Read (and understand) Atlas Shrugged. If you are as smart as you say you are, you may see the similarities. If you cannot read or understand Ayn Rand, just check into prison and become someones b*tch.

      How did robots revolutionize the automotive industry? Cheaper cars with fewer defects.
      How will McRobots revolutionize the food industry? Cheaper and safer food (w/o added hair or spit).

    • Paul, you are a perfect example of why the Democrats have put the U.S. twelve trillion in the red. All you think about is $$$$$ and that we owe people like you. Well, you dummy, (not going to use your intelligent language) here are the facts. McDonalds is a job for the young to learn about how to work. It is not a career type job. Although people like you can’t make it past these start up jobs. Maybe you should go to work for Obama, since he didn’t have a real job before the Democrats put him in a job that is well over his head. I hope and pray we are able to overcome the mess stupid people like you put us in.

  • I don’t think I’ve eaten at McDonald’s in a few years. Honestly don’t know how they stay in business. Oh yeah, stupid people, as all business depends upon.

  • Except, someone has to repair those robots when they don’t work; therefore, McDonalds is actually creating jobs. These jobs are more technical and require more skill than a McChef. Demand a good paying job? Get with the times, get educated, and reenter the market with marketable skills. Lazy people would rather picket their wages than work to increase them.

  • Good evening, sir. My name is Steve. I come from a rough area. I used to be addicted to crack, but now I’m off and trying to stay clean. Peter: Ok. Steve: That is why I’m selling magazine subscriptions.

  • So now I guess it’s not profitable ENOUGH to poison us with the crap they serve (although they don’t serve that crap to me) they can’t fathom putting out a quality product because quality ingredients cost more, so as people are getting the idea of the crap, their profits are plunging (But not far enough) and so they offset it by automating the entire process. Way to go McD’s! You’re this week’s poster child of greed. No where near Ray Kroc’s vision of getting kids going in life with their first job, now it’s all about nothing but money. Imagine what QUALITY might do to profits. There’s examples everywhere of quality equating to huge profits with PEOPLE producing the product! In and Out is a great example. But no, why be “good” when you can rape and pilage your people, your planet, and pretty much anything you come into contact with .

  • Go McDonalds! I’m tired of dealing with surly, incompetent prejudice morons that make too much money as it is let alone $15.00/hr. I’m going to buy some McDonalds stock now!

  • With the way they describe the employees, lazy, poor hygiene, etc I will not support any McDonald’s after reading this article. Not only are they taking away employment but just because you come up with a new toy you talk bad about the employees which you have underpaid for years. Have you ever thought about maybe if you paid a fair wage and was more careful of who you hired you could have minimized some of those problems. I would personally take this article down because when people start to wake up not only won’t you have to worry about employees like that working for you but there will not be a McDonald’s because ya’ll will be out of business. I will not ever support a place that take jobs away from people then talk negative about them once they don’t have use for them anymore. Says alot about the company and it character. Then you wonder why you sales declining.

  • July 6th. It’s still is under construction. No progress made in weeks. Pending lawsuit? Robotic McDonalds would be great for the economy and the united states in general. More agricultural jobs, cheaper food, better quality. And many more positives, less negatives.

    • I like this statement by a McDonalds PR person

      “With the high demand for a wage of $15/hr and the protests getting worse every day, this is something we had to implement. Plus with the tremendous margin of human error, poor hygiene, lack of education, laziness, as well as the recent advancements in artificial intelligence it just make sense to automate our restaurants now rather than later.”

  • Another place to add to my list of companies I don’t give me money too. Not to mention they are selling swill, plain and simple.

    • To swill, I agree.

      But unless you don’t bank with… anyone… in solidarity with all the bank tellers that ATMs replaced, and never use toll roads or parking structures because they have machines to do menial jobs that used to be done by people, I’m going to have to disagree with your general protest against innovation and increased productivity.

  • Technology is great until it starts taking jobs from hard working people, and so what if they smoke. Why don’t you robot dicks just outsource your shitty fast food to india, that’s right, they don’t eat cows bitches.

  • well I wont be eating there any more, I never really did any ways but now deff wont now , its just the beginning of things to come, if it does work, then alot of other company’s will follow suit , I think Congress should be replaced with robots , at least you dont need to pay a Trillion Dollars a year for their pay checks ,, What a sham what this world is coming too… 🙁

  • Quote: “I said no, no robots at McDonald’s. I could set the building on fire.”

    Can’t quite put my finger on it… employees like this just might have something to do with it.

  • The way I see it its great jobs for the skilled to keep everything working. Like me who is a trained electronics expert. I rarely get $15 a hr on most jobs and these burger flippers think they deserve it no way.

    Im confused as to why any unskilled workers would strike when they can easily be replaced. Its not very smart they must all be stupid.

    Im also confused as to why anyone would try to raise the min wage knowing that this will happen. You have to be really dumb to want to raise the min wage.

  • This article clearly shows the folly of the “living wage” movement because the entry level employees who need training in working hard, coming to work on-time, and in the basicsof employment, won’t be able to find positions which pay the living wage because their skills do not match their cost to the employer, and the product pricing will not support higher prices because of competitive factors.

    Where will young, inexperienced, and marginal employees find employment in a situation where they do not produce value commensurate with the “living wage?” These jobs will be taken-over by robots.

    They will not find employment and they will form a permanent underclass of unemployables who will burden society with welfare costs, crime, and poverty.

    Is this what we want for our young people? They are already earning their costs because there is no shortage of applicants who live at with their parents at home who need jobs far more than they need an inflated wage.

    If McDonald’s displaces the labor in 25,000 stores, competition will do likewise, and we can expect anti-robot violence and modern-day Luddites who will protest the disappearance of entry-level jobs.

  • Stopped into this McDonald’s yesterday so I could see how it worked. All robots! So amazing! One of them was kind of hot too

  • “You know there are people in this world who don’t have to put up with all this,” Smykowski told FOX News. “You have to use your mind and come up with some really great idea. If anyone should know this, it’s me. I’m a people person, how many times do I have to say this? I deal with the damn customer so they don’t have to make their own burgers. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people!”

    The “damn customer” But he’s a “people person” and good at dealing with people. LOL.

    Clueless idiot. Just like most of ’em.

  • All of the people who work at poodonalds need a better edjucation they have to start going to college and stop putting spit into peoples food

  • Labor is 100% tax deductible Hardware requires regular maintenance and upgrades . Anyone who has run a business can see through this hoax. The McDonald’s robotic business model ONLY goes as far as order taking and no further. Get a grip people. Get. A. Grip.

  • Watch those who will frequent the place thus keeping the robots employeed but not humans.
    If I went to a Mickey D’s which I haven’t since 1992 when II hauled a load of scraps from the meat patch to their burger plant, I would refuse to even walk into not ONLY the robot run place but any of them!
    But keep feeding the stock holders wallets and eating their crap while the lower educated live out of your taxes because you took their jobs away and when you push those buttons that is EXACTLY what you are doing!
    Demand that the lower educated learn a real job not a welfare check and put fast food workers back on the teenager pay charts where they belong!

  • Go McDonald’s Ours was raided a few years ago due to illegals working there. It had become a filthy dump too and looked like something out of a 3rd world country. Even EMT’s here do not make $15 an hour. The squeaky wheels are getting replaced and not greased, no pun intended.

  • This is where greed will get you. I was paid about $15 to $16 an hour at McDonald’s as a second assistant manager. I worked my tail off for that position after starting as a crew member at 7.75 an hour. Tell me again why an employee who has barely any responsibility except to show up on time and do their job deserves the same amt as the person responsible for the facility, safety, equipment, customers, cash, food quality, hiring, firing, employees, scheduling, ordering etc again? If non managers get $15 does that mean management should start at $30 an hour? Come on people! Get flipping serious!

  • I will no longer support McDonalds. They think this is the answer to their problems? I think not! They start this and others are not too far behind trying to do the same thing to put more money in the pockets of the big wigs. Well, who is going to buy their food if a big portion of the people are out of work? I find this insulting to say that the people that work there are lazy and need to be replaced. Many workers are very HARD WORKERS. I started out in fast food when I was in high school… I am a business owner. It is a good starting place for a lot of our youth. Also, I see a lot of middle aged workers doing what they have to do to support their families. Many take pride in their work. Judge not people, just because you were offered a chance to better yourself by attending college. Many do not have that opportunity. LAZY are those that can but won’t work and collect welfare! Those working at McDonalds or other fast food joints are at least TRYING! I like the personal touch I get when I go to these places. I don’t want my meal to be handed to me by a robot that is hurting our economy. Take your robots and shove it McD’s!!

    • Fine! Don’t support McDonald’s.However, who started the “Fight For 15” campaign???? You going to blame McDonald’s for that too???? I would suggest that you own what you start! Labor costs are a large portion of business overhead (business costs). You have obviously never run a business. Try it sometime and see what happens when your labor costs go up.

  • Hehehe. Well you wanted $15/hr for jobs that used to be used for kids to make some gas money not support Maria and her 4 kids. You can not tell me that no one saw this coming. Wait for others to follow suit once they find out the orders are actually filled correctly now because the robot actually understands what I want and fills it correctly.

  • What did you THINK would happen??? CA shoulda followed the Swiss model: NO minimum wage, and about 2.4% unemployment. But no, CA HAD to follow the “socialist model” where gov’t knows best… until millions of folks lose their jobs to automation which works great 24/7/365 without coming in late, bathroom breaks, vacations, “that time of the month”, spitting in the food, or being surly or unintelligible to customers.

    You Obama-voters brought this on yourselves!!! Now learn to love it!!!

    • Every fast food worker, waiter/waitress, trash collector and all “menial” labor…should picket and or quit, and you should have to serve yourself. Then, would you think their job important? When you had no one to wait on you or take out your trash?!? Mmmhhh…

      • If you want every fast food worker, waiter/waitress, trash collector and all “menial” labor…should picket and or quit, then you’re going to find that there will be other people to take their places. Jobs right now are real hard to find. Even the minimum wage jobs. Don’t forget that there are almost 97 Million people (according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statics own figures) that have just given up looking for work and ARE NOT counted in the Federal Unemployment Figures. Almost 97 Million people! I’m sure that some of those people would be more than happy to take the places of the people that YOU want to “picket and/or quit” their jobs. I is so nice to see a social justice warrior in action. Pathetic!

  • They wanted 15 an hour. They can’t count change. They’re rude. They can’t tell the difference between an orange soda and a Diet Coke. Or care to. This is how the problem gets fixed. The quality goes up substantially as well.

  • I’m unemployment myself, not in the U.S., but I really know how it hurts.
    No one can change mass unemployment. Methink robots should work hard than people, and more employees should use robots instead of wasting people’s precious time.
    This is not a day where we hunt animals and do fishing. I do hope robots take all our jobs
    so we can focus on something better. Sure, we need food at least, so why don’t we just make robots work in agriculture?

    Made a comment from a country where almost all people who have a job
    forced to work 12+ hours(at least) per day, 6+ days/week(serious); start with the country name “Ja”.

  • Business is about profit, it is not about creating employment opportunities. Fast food establishments generally hire young people and some retired people for part time work. They pay the minimum wage for employees that do routine, simple, repetitive tasks. The younger people for the most part have little or no work experience and these days have been taught very little about what might be expected of them in the workplace, many are just not worth the minimum wage they receive. Now they want to effectively double their wage which will not result in better performance, but will result in lower profits or higher prices to the consumer. Eventually, all fast food businesses will take advantage of new technology and automate most processes. So to the minimum wage employees, learn to appreciate the employment you have…learn how and why businesses operate and try to find a higher paying job or face unemployment.

    • So, basically, if you are an ignorant waitress, waiter or fast food employee, just suck it up. as you are an ignorant being and deserve no better than you are getting?!? Really?!? Said the ignoramus…you are not apart of the modern real world are you? College education in the 21st Century does not equal a great job with security. Over population, factories taken oversees, and hiring foreign workers over American born, is just the tip of the iceberg. You are grossly apparent from a different era, not the 21st Century, to post such an ignorant pat phrases quote. Without your “lower paid” employees, the world would supposedly fall apart. Who would wait on you when you take your family out to eat?!? Who would pick up your trash?!? Please…get real…and get over yourself.

  • Honestly? What do people expect? As an employer, you can’t just keep getting dinged by the government and keep doing business the way you have been, or you will be out of business. Not only is minimum wage a concern, but all the costs of keeping employees, which include federal and state unemployment, Obamacare, workers compensation insurance, etc. Those costs have gone up enormously in just the past few years. And, the more wages you pay an employee, the higher these costs get.

    Gas stations, retail establishments, etc. became self service along time ago. Instead of service, you get to do it yourself, and there is one person manning the register. It cuts labor costs. This is no different in my opinion.

  • I do not believe in a $15 an hour minimum wage! This is a scheme by government to raise more taxes even though this will hurt the entire private sector from the consumer to the business. I also do not believe in replacing people with robots! I will not use any automated order machines nor will I patronize any place that replaces workers with robots! It takes money to buy products McDonald’s! All of this is leading into Fascism!

    • I know…and completely understand?!? Why pay some “low life” to be there to take your order, day in day out. Yet, you will not patronize MCD’s if they are automated?? You make no sense?!?!

  • How many people are drive around a car, truck or SUV? These are put together by machines, robots, whatever tou want to call them. Automation has been around for decades. This is nothing all that new except it’s being done in restaurants. You heard it here first, Dr. Robot…yes….robots in the field of medicine it’s already being done in the pharmaceutical area, hospitals are next.

  • Congratulations…Welcome to the 21st Century!

    The govenment says, “Americans are soft and want everything handed to them, that we are not willing to work to earn a living?!?!”

    Americans cannot afford to work at minimum wage jobs…and pay for day to day living! It is called, “INFLATION!”

    This is based on a family of 2 adults with 2 children living in Missouri.

    Minimum wage is $7.65. Take that times 2 (both adults working at minimum wage jobs at $7.65 an hour) = $15.30 an hour for a COMBINED hourly income, for a family of 2 working is $612 a week, (which is not counting take out, social security and such) which in 4 weeks equals, $2, 448.

    Now, rent for this family of 2, with 2 children, is $1,200 a month (IF, they actually rent a DECENT home, which means in a somewhat decent neighborhood and the house is not mold infested). So, after taxes on said wages, $7.65 minimum for both parents = $2, 448.00. After taxes is roughly $2,000?!?!

    Food to feed this family of 4 is minimum $1,200, (this is not steak, chicken, or fish every night of the week.)

    Mmhhh…forget that they may need clothing, shoes…or vehicles, gas to get back and forth to work. (and forget putting any money away for “hard times.”)

    Imagine…just ran out of income paying for rent/mortgage and food?!?

    That is not even taking vehicles, clothing, cable, telephone, and electric bills into consideration?!?!

    Yes, what about getting a college education?!? Sure, go in debt $80,000, to get a job paying $12 an hour?!? You and 500 other people are applying for the same job?!?!

    Real True Life Experience!

    Get Real People…wake up?!?!

  • The comments on here are absolutely hilarious. One, they offer a demonstration of the grotesque gullibility of hundreds of commenters who don’t hesitate to question an absurd and obviously phony story. Two, it shows the crass ignorance and selfishness of these “self-proclaimed” pundits who have little or no understanding of economics except for their slavish adherence to the fatally flawed “selfishness doctrine” of Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand; a model, by the way, in its current distortion, that bears little or no resemblance to Adam Smith’s philosophical defense of capitalism. Three, they adopt the silly notion that McDonald’s and the fast food industry represents all minimum wage jobs. This conceit is predicated on the idea that “everybody,” if they just worked hard enough, could get good, high paying jobs, creating, apparently, full employment for teenagers while all the “hard workers” maintain their great jobs and amass their fortunes. Four, and most importantly, they extoll the virtue of a system that may well require someone to work at least two jobs (or four or five part-time jobs) so that a tiny minority can amass untold wealth on the backs of workers not only here but everywhere else in the world. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

    • This story about McRobots is 100% accurate and true. Opening on July 4th, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona, a McDonald’s located at 7th St and McDowell Road will be run entirely by robots. A spokesman for McDonald’s says this is due to a decline in earnings for the first time in nine years.
      They are already doing it in Europe.

    • And lastly, the same people that believe this is a true story also believe in voting for the liberals who have DESTROYED this once-great nation. Sad.

  • But that means a Big Mac should only be $1.50 now, right?

    That’s how it works, right? Prices go up when you raise the wages?
    If that were true, NATURALLY, they go down if there are no wages to pay!
    Meaning, the theory is now a bust if the prices aren’t down by at least half.
    When will we face: The prices are high to give the elite more power, so we have to work harder for the same things. It’s almost slavery now.

    • What part of “ALL the Democrats, AKA the lying liberals, have completely destroyed this once-great country,” don’t you get? OMG! Just, I’m so godddamn angry, and I want something to be done about it, but we all know, Obummer, AKA Barry from Kenya, won’t do SHIT! Donald Trump 2016!

  • The ones who will engineer these robots will be cheaply paid (less than min wage) foreigners. Sorry to burst your bubble people. The idiot American Engineer who thinks they are going to profit off automation is delusional. All Automation will be done overseas and for cheap. In China, brilliant engineers are a dime a dozen and cheap too. Engineers in America are already being replaced by foreigners will gladly come here and work cheap.

    • Fine! Then, I hope that you like eating horsemeat. Go to your local supermarket to the aisle marked “Pet Food. You’ll find it on that aisle. Better yet, try the Cat Food too while you’re at it! (laughter) (shaking my head) (facepalm)

  • McDonalds was set up so high school student could earn some money while going to school its was never meant to be a career unless you were management. But now the high school drop outs want to make a living without putting in the school time to learn more than how to flip a burger and they don’t even have to know that a buzzer goes off telling you when to flip it and more go off for fries it’s rediculous $15 hr lol i did the same job for 2.65!

  • I don’t know where these lazy comments come from. When I visit McDonalds or other fast food restaurants, they’re in the back busting their asses to get food out, especially during the rush periods. Compare that to someone who sits in a cubicle all day and has a copious amount of free time to surf the web. And before anyone says anything, no I don’t work at fast food, but I still think the lazy comments are unfair.

  • Every one should stop eating mcdonalds. Like me I’ll never eat there again thank you robots. P.s. It’s not the robots fault . It’s McDonald’s greed doing this .

    • You have it half right. The other half is that they vote for politicians that make all sorts of promises to them, promising them the moon, free stuff, other things and people are stupid enough to “take the bait” and vote for them. In the end, there’s no such thing as “a free lunch.” Someone always has to pay for it. There is nothing in the World or Life that is “free.” In the end, WE ALL LOSE! Just look at the National Debt Clock.

      • You claim I have it “half right” by making the point that people vote for politicians that make promises and offer free items.

        In other words, the voters are stupid, not realizing nothing is “free” and someone must pay for it. So you just made my original point – although for whatever reason, the remainder of my original post beyond the first sentence was cut off.

        • Well, sweetheart. The only people that seem to be complaining are nothing but a bunch of losers that seem to have nothing else to do but whine, bi**h, and complain about their lot in life. I’m NOT one of those idiots that continually vote for the same person, time after time after time after time. Election cycle after election cycle after election cycle. As Albert Einstein once said: ““The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” I DON’T go whining on social media or on online stories in the comment section and blame some businesses for not raising wages because you have people that are too bloody lazy to get off their rear ends. get some schooling to improve their skill sets and make themselves more marketable to get a better paying job. They seem more inclined to have EVERYTHING handed to them on a silver platter and NOT having to pay for it. What a bunch of frickken losers!!!! I went to school, working nights, and paid for my schooling of my own pocket. I took out NO GOVERNMENT STUDENT LOANS and improved my skills and got a job in the IT Industry. I’m making close to 6 figures a year now and I have no complaints. I get notifications on this story and love reading some of these LOSERS that attack McDonald’s for doing what they need to do to survive as a business. It IS NOT only McDonald’s that is considering automation. All the other Fast Food businesses (Arby’s, Carl Jr’s., Wendy’s, IHOP, Denny’s, etc.) are doing it as well. Do some research. Are people like yourself going to whine and complain about them as well???? If so, when????

          • I’m not sure what part of “we are in agreement” you aren’t getting. You’re highly rude, offensive response is totally uncalled for. I AGREE with what you are saying and have NO IDEA why you are so upset.

            I put two sons through West Point and worked in law enforcement for 30 years. Get lost.

        • Continuing to act like a 9-year-old, huh? First of all, I have been commenting on this “spoof story” on and off ever since it first came out. So I am well aware that it is a “spoof story,” but that doesn’t negate the facts that I have previously presented. Nor does it change the facts that you have people that are pushing for 15.00/hour Minimum Wage and not comprehending the seriousness of their own actions. That is because they don’t know how businesses operate. Or have you managed to overlook those facts? That is something that YOU seem to be overlooking. Don’t be so pretentious or presumptuous that you know any better than me. That is usually a sign of being a narcissist. Being in the Information Technologies field is very specialized and ARE NOT “a dime a dozen.” If you think that you’re such an expert, then come to my business and I’ll let you have a week to prove yourself to me. Care to? Ante up. You have claimed to have worked in Law Enforcement for 30 years???? I take that to be highly unlikely. Why???? Because I have a few friends in Law Enforcement that act better than you do. Even on their bad days. If you were anything near of being an adult, you would just gone away. Well, I know that I’m not dealing with an adult.

          • First you state you have been commenting on this story ever since it came out, on and off. The story indicates it’s been on the internet for at least 1 year.

            Then you end with “If you were anything near of being an adult you would [have] just gone away.”

            So who’s the adult here? No, really. – LOL!!!!!

          • Trust me – you’re on shaky ground at work. Very, very shaky ground. Don’t believe me? Then give me your bosses name and phone number and I’ll call him.

        • First of all, you obvious were not paying attention. I did say “my business.” Did you miss that? If you have any doubt, re-read my previous comment. I am the “boss.” In regards to the story and for the sake of accuracy, it was posted over a year ago. May 26, 2015, in fact. All you have to do is read ALL the comments that I’ve posted. There all there. Or is that too hard for you? I figured that you would take up my challenge. it only proves one thing to me: That you’re all talk and no action. I thought of you as much. At least I did make the offer. Well, if you’re finished with me, then “bye.” Have A Nice Day. (waving)

  • Only difference here is, mine is an actual book. May want to give it a whirl for that psychopathy you’ve got going on.

  • It will be great all automated workforce, which i think will ultimately put this corperations out of business because the people that buy the food at these places usually make minimum wage in the first place

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