Ray McDonald Released By Niners Amid Sexual Assault Investigation

McDonald, 30, being investigated in a sexual assault earlier in the day compounded with his domestic violence incident from August triggered the release.

“This is about a pattern of poor behavior,” 49ers general manager Trent Baalke told ESPN. “We expect a lot from our players, hold them accountable for their actions. If this was one incident, we would be standing up here talking about due process, like we have multiple times, in multiple other situations. But this is just a pattern of decision-making that Ray has demonstrated over a period of time that, once again, it’s no longer going to be tolerated.”

San Jose Police Department sergeant Heather Randol also told ESPN that the victim in the sexual assault, allegedly involving McDonald, was seeking treatment in an area hospital and that detectives had searched the Niners defensive lineman’s home in connection with the incident.


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