Australia’s Casino Hot-Spots

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Australia, being among the most popular tourist destinations in the world, boasts of many attractions including glamorous locations, spectacular scenes, and the friendly Aussie people, not to mention the world-class casinos sprouting up in luxurious spots across the country that offer the best gambling experiences for casino lovers.

There are many more magnificent casino spots in Australia for all you glamour loving gamblers out there and this article will show just the best samples the land has to offer. When you’re not reading online casino reviews in Australia to check the next place where you want to head to in the virtual reality, you should definitely be in one of these places below.

Crown Casino of Melbourne


Are you looking for that conservative Aussie atmosphere to satisfy your gambling needs? Then look no further. The Melbourne area hosts the Crown Casino in Melbourne, which is the largest gambling scene in the whole of Australia. The establishment offers a rounded gambling experience in that it caters for many casino activities instead of focussing only on one particular game as is the case with most casinos nowadays.

Moreover, the Crown Casino offers private rooms that are designed to reflect your gambling spirit, with each room having its own individual characteristic, including personalised theme, to help you feel more at home and relaxed. This is one hot-spot you should check out anytime you find yourself down here in the Land of Oz. You will definitely love the experience.

The Star Sydney Hotel and Casino


When you come down to Australia, perhaps the first thing you should do is visit the Star Sydney Hotel and Casino where all the gambling action takes place.  It is conveniently located by the Pyrmont harbour, Sydney area, and it is the country’s second largest casino.

It not only provides an exquisitely pristine harbour view for you to enjoy as you indulge in one of the many gambling terminals available, there are also four bars available, five star eating areas that offer all the mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the finest chefs in town, and a night club to top it all up. This is one classic scene you just can’t miss out on if you are a casino lover, and coming down here will make your visit to Australia all the more worthwhile.

Crown Casino in Perth


Imagine a casino with over 2000 gaming slots in the heart of Australia… Well, we are talking Crown Casino franchise, but this one is located in the Perth area. The establishment is focused on attracting tourist and revellers and even has an advertisement depicting all the gambling products and cuisine it has on offer.

The good thing is that once you get in, there’s no coming out because the Crown Casino in Perth area is that one spot that has everything set up for everyone; in that, there are many slots to satisfy all your gambling cravings, and there’s always something for you to do so you’ll never get to waste any moment within these magnificently designed gambling spaces.

Recommended for group visits since there are plenty activities on offer, you and your gambling friends will never want for anything while in Crown Casino in the Perth area. With all the gambling terminals available in its casino halls, the establishment makes for the perfect gambling holiday getaway for you and your casino-loving entourage.

What’s more, it is the only location in the whole of Australia that offers the ‘Two-up’ casino game for tourists and travellers alike to enjoy. It is the perfect spot to spend your weekend with friends and family, that is, if all of you are into playing casino games.

Adelaide Area


Imagine what a $300 million facelift would do to any establishment. Well, the Adelaide’s Sky City Casino recently underwent a major redevelopment costing in the upwards of $300million. It’s not that surprising that the management spent a whooping fortune to spruce up a gambling space, considering that the establishment is synonymous with offering international standard gambling experience.

The casino is renowned for its service that’s fit for a king, and once you visit the area, you’ll cherish each and every moment spent there. Those who’ve had the chance to sample their gambling offerings claim that it’s simply the best experience they’ve ever had, and it promises the same for you if you take the opportunity to visit the spot and try your luck there. Trust us; it’ll be one of those experiences you’ll never forget.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a detailed listing of all the hot-spots available to serve your gambling needs anytime you visit Australia. You’ll be spoilt for choices, but the good thing is that you’ll never be disappointed with what most of these establishments have to offer. From the Crown Casino in Melbourne to the Adelaide’s Sky City Casino, you may not have enough time to sample all the good things the land of Aussies has to offer you, particularly on gambling matters.


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