Dangers of Online Gambling

Online gambling
Written by Ben Davis

More than 20 years have passed since the first online casinos went live and opened a whole new range of possibilities for gamblers worldwide. With hundreds of gambling websites operating today, it is easier than ever to indulge in casino games, lottery and sports betting. Living has become fast and furious lately, making frequent visits to brick and mortar casinos a very hard feat to pull off for many of us. Online gambling, especially mobile, is an alternative we can’t afford to pass on, even if we miss the buzz and excitement of our favorite physical locations.  But for all its benefits, there are hidden dangers lurking here that only internet can spawn. Virtual world is a fertile ground for rogue casinos to make a quick buck scamming unsuspecting customers who are than forced to deal with unpaid winnings or horrendously slow payouts, frustrating and poorly worded rules, or just plain cheating by the house. They take your money and disappear, leaving you with limited options to remedy the situation, not to mention identity thefts, hacked accounts and access to your finances. Losing money like this is easier to get over when small amounts are concerned, but foregoing big wins is a tough pill to swallow. Real money play online will always carry certain risks no matter what you do to protect yourself, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take all the necessary precautions prior to depositing your hard-earned money anywhere.

Choosing a Reputable Casino – License, Software, Security and Player Reviews

It’s not easy picking out a casino when there’s hundreds of them all making the same claims about ethical practices being their primary concern. Fortunately, there are viable sources you can consult when trying to decide where to deposit money, one of them being This is a trusted source for all gambling related matters that has regularly updated lists of blacklisted casinos as well as reputable casinos that have proven themselves with numerous satisfied players enjoying their content. There are several reasons that get the bad ones crossed out: they have poor payout percentage, ignore withdrawal requests, feature counterfeit software or operate without a legal license.The requirements casinos must fulfill to be included on approved lists are strict and include a trustworthy license, reputable and tested software providers, clear and concise terms and conditions, as well as little or no unresolved complaints. While bases these lists on available official legal cases and inquiries among other things, it is mostly players feedback taken into account when assessing the integrity of an online casino. Due to a specific nature of internet gambling, you can never be guaranteed an ethical conduct, as player reports can be untruthful as often as they are honest. Sometimes, a certain casino may suffer its reputation forever tarnished over a false accusation or a simple misunderstanding. In any case, consulting trusted portals is your best bet – it is their job to provide players with accurate information about online casinos and help make your search as easy as possible. This is their advice to players who are interested to know how best to protect themselves when gambling online:

Unregulated Casinos Answer to No One, Least of All Players

Even if there is a license listed at the bottom of the website you’re aiming at, it might be false and that’s something to keep in mind at all times. Read the license information carefully, look for the license registration number and check its validity by any means you can. If it seems incomplete or sounds in any way suspicious, goggle it – shady casinos and licenses are almost always mentioned somewhere on the interwebs. If there’s any doubt about it, it goes without saying you should skip the casino and look elsewhere for better conditions. Acquiring a license to run online casinos is relatively inexpensive, and there’s no reason not to obtain it for any honest operator. The UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man are some of the most common reputable jurisdictions that legally regulate online gambling operations.

Security Systems Protect Your Finances

Reputable casinos will always emphasize the security systems they use to provide safe play and secured bank transactions. It is in your best interest to find a casino whose gaming software is embedded with the best data encryption technology designed to protect deposits and withdrawals from hackers, as well as your personal information from identity theft. If you notice terms like 128-bit, SSL data encryption and providers mentioned like Cryptologic or Microgaming, that means you’re probably dealing with a decent casino.

Next on your check list should be banking methods. Multiple payment methods that include debit or credit cards and third party services such as Neteller, Skrill or Paypal are always a good indication simply because they allow little of your financial information to be disclosed to operators, and that’s something rouge casinos and con artists wouldn’t gladly accept.

No matter how much you find them annoying, verification procedures are norms for regulated operators and exist for your benefit as well. Huge amounts of money are circulating through casinos every day, and you wouldn’t want them treating your big win casually, as if it’s just a few pennies worth that might end up in someone else’s pocket.

Be very careful when conversing with someone claiming to be a representative of the casino. You should never disclose passwords or any personal information to anyone. Respectable affiliate sites may have official representatives available at their forum, but even then proceed with caution, as not even these sites can guarantee you’ll be treated fairly and within legal bounds.

Casino Bonuses Are Not Always What They Seem

Often times we come across special bonuses promising great advantages, and without thinking twice find ourselves singed up at a casino we know nothing about. Every casino out there has some kind of welcoming package, attracting players with No Deposit Bonuses or certain privileges applied on first, second and even third deposits. Almost by a rule, all casinos good and bad, never disclose full terms and conditions relating to these bonuses. If you don’t take the time to go through Terms & Conditions page where bonus and withdrawals rules are stated, be certain you’ll end up surprised and frustrated with only yourself to blame. Is it a bad practice or a clever business move? A little bit of both.

Depositing may not be required, but most bonus winnings cannot be cashed out unless wagered a certain amount of times, or are not considered valid when won on free spins, certain games or other ridiculous circumstances. These rules are usually stated in small lettering and, more often than not, in such a confusing wording that even an attorney would have difficulty comprehending. It is highly recommended that you take the time to research how these work and what certain ambiguous terms actually mean. An abundance of material on the subject can be found all over the internet, explained in articles and discussed on community forums for everyone to learn. If you did all this and are still unsure about a particular casino, check player complaints – the longer the list, the greater your reason for concern.

In a Nutshell

Luckily, there are trustworthy casinos out there offering safe play and fair customer treatment. Like it or not, online gambling is the future, and the sooner we arm ourselves with knowledge, the more we will be able to enjoy gambling on the internet. Once you’ve checked approved casinos from a trusted source, there’s no reason not to continue the investigation on your own. Even the best among them can turn rouge at some point, or you can end up being one of just a few unsatisfied customers who were unlucky enough to find themselves in difficult situations. Be diligent and do your homework – investigate licenses, encryptions and pay special attention to what other players have to say. Once you’re coned, it’s game over. Pursuing issues legally is a long, painful and expensive process with no guarantees, it might turn out well, but most of the time you’ll end up disappointed. Follow the above tips and limit the risks involved to turn around your winning poten

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