Is The Future Of Poker Online?

Written by Frank Kremer

Poker is one of the oldest casino games and still one of the most popular. Dating back at least 200 years, according to the memoirs of Joseph Cowell who documents playing the game in New Orleans 1829. The game has rapidly spread throughout the world and embedded itself deeply into our culture such as the painting of dogs playing poker by Cassium M. Coolidge. Ian Fleming’s first ever James Bond novel, Casino Royale, was first published in 1953 but was not adapted into a film until 2006. In the novel, Bond plays the game of baccarat to defeat the villainous Le Chiffre, but in the film it was changed to poker. This is perhaps a reflection of times, with baccarat not being as common or popular in the 21st century.

In the modern era there is now the existence of online poker, which for many is a far more convenient way of playing the classic game. Traditional land based casinos can be rather intimidating places, especially for newer or younger players. Furthermore, they require the effort of physically going to a casino, which in many cases may not be in an ideal location, geographically. Many of them also have a strict dress code, whereas playing online poker at home allows you to play in your pyjamas or some old and baggy clothes.

For many players, it can be far easier to play poker online as they can play whenever or wherever they want. Most people today have smartphones along with some kind of access to the internet (usually 3G/4G) which means they can play poker via apps at a time that suits them. Playing poker on the bus, in the pub or a doctors waiting room are all possible now and suits the needs and convenience of the consumer. There is also research to suggest that some traditional land based casinos are struggling because of online casino success.

There can also be an appeal of playing with new people. If you’re a regular poker player at your local casino, the chances are you’ll run into familiar faces on a regular basis. While you may be good friends with them, the more you play they’ll become used to your playing methods and they’ll become used yours, this can have its advantages and disadvantages.
If you’re playing poker via online means, you can constantly be meeting new players from all over the world (depending on restrictions). This adds more of a thrill to your game as you will be unable to predict the methods of your opponent.

Leading experts are continuously finding ways to diversify the industry with a recent introduction of bitcoin to online poker. Betchain has made history as the world’s first ever online casino that accepts bitcoin as a currency. This is advantageous for players from all over the world and is a useful way of getting around issues such as currency exchange rates. Sites like Betchain are still in their infancy but it is looking increasingly likely that more online casinos will start to embrace bitcoin as a form of currency sooner rather than later

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