How Does Rakeback Work?

Written by Frank Kremer

The recent modern age has brought about many technological advances, one of them being the appearance of online poker rooms. With the constant expansion due to agreeable conditions, these online gambling sites have reached the magnitude of land-based poker rooms.

When speaking about poker, specifically, the players bet against each other, and they win each other’s bets. This means that, for the house to make a profit out of the players who are using their card rooms, it has to charge a certain fee known as rake. This fee is a percentage of the total wagers per hand. It can range from 5% on online gambling sites up to 10% in live poker rooms.

Nonetheless, certain services have appeared in recent times in order to help poker rooms attract more players. As they were paid a certain part of the casinos’ earnings from taking rake, these websites have come up with a strategy to attract more poker players to use their services. Namely, they offer these players to take their rake back. Although they end up with a small portion of the entire rake per player, this has come to attract much more users, expanding their services greatly. Namely, ACR Rakeback and many others have managed to construct an honest profiting strategy that works both ways.

The rake a poker room charges can vary according to its policy. Cash game rake means that the operator takes out poker rake out of each pot. In other words, the poker room is allowed to withdraw a limited amount of wager money at each hand. The limitation placed on the room’s poker rake is known as a ‘cap’, and basically determines the highest amount it can take. When it comes to online poker rooms, the cap usually reaches up to $3, whereas live poker rooms may increase it up to $5.

As for the poker tournaments, the rake policy is somewhat different. Here, it is taken as entry fees, so that the players can get a sit on the poker tables. Just like the previous case, in tournaments, the fees also vary regarding online or land-based ones. Namely, online tournament rake ranges from 5-10% of the buy-in fee that each poker player pays, while live poker tournaments withhold 10-25% of the same fee.

In any case, rakeback shouldn’t be taken for granted, as a finished product. On the contrary, it comes with certain factors which need to be considered prior to any action on the part of the player. Mainly, the poker player should be aware of the amount of rakeback that they would get if they decide to create an account in one of the aforementioned services. As for those who choose services which lower the rake instead of paying it back, it’s important to know which games would be available to your disposal. After all, lower rake may be of no use to you if you can’t accumulate any real profit from your regular wagers. There are many other aspects which play a role in this regard, but once you understand the mechanism, you shouldn’t have any problem tackling the side-effects.


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