Mental training before starting the game

There is no secret to ensuring that you perform greatly when it matters most other than understanding how to be calm and unflustered. You can be certain of losing your confidence, getting your muscles stiffen up, and end up playing so bad if you permit nervousness or over excitement to take over you earlier or while in a game. Let’s explain what CHOKING means; a sports person gets to perform timidly and tense as a result of allowing nervousness to take over and gives a performance that doesn’t even measure up. In order to avoid such situation even when playing online slot games for mobile, it is advised to try some mental training previous to the start of a competition.

Tips to keeping cool before starting the game

  1. Try to focus on the “Present”

There’s a great tendency of increasing anxiety in athletes once they allow their attention to go ahead of time into the future or travel back into the past. In order to avoid such anxiety increase, you should ensure that you stay level-headed and composed by training your attention to be in the PRESENT, particularly throughout your race, matches or competitions.

  1. Concentrate on yourself and your role

Act as if your opponents, audience, coach, etc. are not there. Not that you totally ignore them, but you need to focus more on yourself rather than what they are doing or thinking about your implementation. This way, you can concentrate more on yourself and your role; stay unruffled and confident while not comparing yourself with others.

  1. Don’t forget to have fun

Giving your best while under much stress means you are enjoying it. The undisclosed ingredient to keeping cool and doing great at times when the pressure is highly increased is to have fun while at it. You start to get anxious and lose your self-reliance once you allow a match, race or game feel too important, get too serious, or allow too much weight on yourself.

  1. Get your brain engaged after and before competitions

Most sportspersons get nervous as a result of thinking too much. It actually seems impossible to prevent yourself from thinking, which is why you can opt for a plan to distract yourself. Get yourself occupied and avoid the spare time for thinking. Do fun activities to keep you distracted and busy; read a book, see a movie, listen to music, involve in discussions that aren’t sport related, and if you are one of those that playing slot games keep them calm  – don’t forget to visit this site.

  1. Ignore the uncontrollable

Be ready to admit the fact that there are a lot of factors surrounding you that you don’t have a direct influence over, and these are things you should work hard at taking your attention off. Focusing on the uncontrollable would do you no good; all that it leads to is heightened nervousness that would end up affecting your performance. You can start by creating a list of these things that are beyond your direct control. Some of them are the spectators, the decision of the trainer, officiating, playing period, the game result, how good you perform, the expectations of others, and so on. Get this list and place it somewhere in your room where you can see it clearly. Always remember the things on this list are like a trap for your mind, waiting for you to sink in. And the most effective way of escaping a trap is to admit its presence in the first place. However, once you realise that you are beginning to focus too much on the things on this list, you should immediately channel your attention to activities in the PRESENT that you have control over.

Remember that playing well in any competition or match means playing with a calm and relaxed mind. In order to achieve this, you should plan on carrying out a game plan, which is possible by following the tips above.

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