Pornhub Casino: To be or not to be offended

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Written by Jimmy Rustling

Couples often argue over where money is being spent but this age old disagreement may be rising to another level. The time has come where two of the most taboo interests in the world have come together in a double whammy known as Pornhub Casino. Is it gambling? Is it porn? Well, it’s both.

Pornhub is exactly that, a massive hub for porn boasting more views than any other porn related site. Site visitors have access to their most intimate desires and fetishes with the click of a button. Whether you’re into a bit of this or that or a combination of both, Pornhub comes to the party armed with an endless supply of adult films.

While gambling may not make your partner jealous it’s still a forbidden desire, especially in regions of the world where gambling is banned. The dreams or nightmares of many have become a reality with this latest venture.

Although most of the videos are free, there is a paid subscription available on the main site offering exclusive ad free content in high HD quality. The question then becomes, how do they get players to hang around and click on ads and explore the site for more than just a few minutes?

Pornhub VP, Corey Price, said he was approached with the concept of an online casino. This would keep site visitors occupied in between, well…you know. It was then that Pornhub Casino was born and officially launched on February 1, 2016 featuring BetSoft games.

The company is registered in Costa Rica and there doesn’t appear to be a gambling license. Perhaps the porn concept was meant to distract players from noticing this really significant detail.

Pornhub Casino Offerings

So how do you combine porn and gambling? Well, it’s simple if you’re Pornhub. They’ve focused on live dealer games with nude croupiers flashing their bits for players. Can they accurately manage a game of Blackjack, Craps or Roulette? Some say no but Strip Poker, as its other live games, certainly has become quite popular. This gaming concept takes things a step further by not only appealing to voyeurs but exhibitionists as well. Price expands on the table game situation saying, “It’s available in two options: public tables and friend’s tables. Our public tables are viewable by all players and anyone can join. Our friend’s table section includes those that only people in your friends list can access.”

Available Slot Games include Greedy Goblins, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Sots Angels, Enchanted, Lucky Birds, Weekend in Vegas and more. Interestingly enough, BetSoft also has a Slot called Pinocchio. Oh come on, we’ve all heard the joke about the wooden boy.

The functionality to view the “Most Played” games is available in addition to “Being Played” “Most Recent”, “Top Rated”, “Most Commented”, “Top Favorites” and “Featured”. Naturally, the most frequently played games are the Live Dealer Table Games like Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Roulette and Blackjack.

What Do Gamblers Think of Pornhub Casino?

Not every porn enthusiast is a gambler and not every gambler is into porn so how are the gamblers perceiving this new brand of casino? While some say that they never associated the two evils, others say they go hand in hand. There are gamblers they think it’s been a long time coming and they can’t wait to try it while others are not surprised by it but admit that the combination is not their cup of tea.

On the flip side, some folks are outraged and find it utterly offensive. One visit to the casino’s website and images of nudity are in your face. If we were to play devil’s advocate here for a moment, if casino players don’t like that sort of thing then don’t play there. Why is it that a select few can easily say “great but not for me” rather than take a judgmental stance? Why does porn have such a stigma attached to it? What drives the outrage against something like a porn casino combo? What is the source of this strong disapproval? While this article is not meant to express a personal opinion for or against this genre of entertainment nor Pornhub Casino specifically, the opinions of gamblers do make you wonder.

What Women Want

There’s no doubt that Pornhub Casino focuses on the male population. Surprisingly a percentage of women want something to lust after just as much as the men do. The ladies have questioned where the hot male dealers are. Many of the thoughts about this casino have been more negative from men than women. You may have thought it a rarity to read about a woman that plans to show the casino website to her husband in case he wants to check it out but it’s more common than you think. Of course there are negative comments on the nudity and porn aspect but it seems that a sizeable number of women either want in on the action whether it’s for themselves or their partners.

A number of factors play a part in the reactions to Pornhub Casino, including demographics, so where do you stand on the subject?

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