Sony’s PS VR – All set to land in October for $399

Sony’s PS VR
Written by Ben Davis

Sony has built its own virtual-reality headset for PlayStation 4 called the PlayStation VR (PS VR).

Priced at $399, it is more of an everyday use. $200 cheaper than Oculus Rift and costs half of HTC Vive.

For that bargain price, you get a headset, cables and basic connectors. But you can top that up with DualShock4 controllers, the motion tracking Move controllers and a PS camera for few extra dollars (unless you have these lying from the PS3).

The PS VR is designed for the mass market and not for someone keen of high-end PC. You will only need a PlayStation 4, which you can simply connect and step into the virtual gaming world. Not as complicated as setting up an expensive gaming PC to power the Rift and Vive – Just plug in and play.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said at the Games Developer Conference, in San Francisco, that, their mission with PS VR is to enhance the PlayStation experience for the gamers. The new PS VR evokes the future while matching with the USP of PlayStation Hardware – clean and minimal design.

Sony promised to launch the PS VR with up to 50 games. Many of which could be similar to that offered by other VRs, like Job Simulator and Eve: Valkyrie, along with good handful, like a new Star Wars Battlefront game, Farpoint, RIGS Mechanized Combat League and VR Worlds.

Eve: Valkyrie and Job Simulator are the best killer apps for virtual reality – ones you would not want to miss.  Eve: Valkyrie is a highly immersive space dogfighting game that puts you in the cockpit of a fast-moving spaceship. The way your physical controls and stuff floats around you within your space capsule right in front of your eyes, looks amazingly realistic. Job Simulator on the other hand is quite opposite of Eve: Valkyrie, with no fast-paced spaceship and stuff floating around. It is instead more like how you imagine your office in the year 2050. Here you have got to perform tasks that even robots find too boring to bother with.

Apart from these free games, over 230 developers have already signed up to create gaming content for PlayStation VR, including indie outfits, EA and more. So, by the time you get the new PS VR in hand, you will have hundreds of high end games custom-built for PS VR to choose from. For example: playing football in VR, simple role playing games, car race games, Rummy Circle Review, or even strategy games.

The PSVR is not as graphically superpowered as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But you will hardly notice the difference. Sony has also admitted that PS VR may not be able of deliver the same level of immersive experience. Masayasu Ito, the executive Vice President of PlayStation said last week, “If you just talk about the high-end quality, yes, I would admit that Oculus may have better VR.”

However, these high end expensive VR headsets require a very expensive and fast PC. The PS VR is more family-friendly kind of VR device than its more serious competitors. It has the biggest advantage of working with PS4 – Making it affordable and easy to use.

You can also plug the PS VR into your PS4 with a breakout box that includes an HDMI splitter. This would let you hook up the headset and a TV at the same time, letting your friends and family to see what you are seeing in your headset.

Sony already has a pipeline of prospective buyers to sell its headsets off the shelves. In the November last year, Sony revealed that PS4 had sold over 30.2 million units worldwide. The number has now crossed the unbelievable 46 million.



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