The Swiss Lotto Jackpot Winner Who Snatched $2.1 Million

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Written by Ben Davis

A 63-year-old man had the opportunity to pocket the $21 Million from Swiss lotto jackpot prize. The man said he has been playing the game for over 20 years now with no luck to win anything. His windfall win came as a shock to him because he did not expect such a huge amount to come in his life. He purchased three tickets and selected his numbers not knowing that that one of those tickets would bring a life changing amount. The old man, who insisted to remain anonymous was given the cheque by the authorities in private for fear of being targeted by robbers. When the Swiss Lotto results were out, he couldn’t believe the news.

Swiss lotto winner

His Former Job and His Future Plans

The man revealed that he is a retired military person who was struggling to make a living. “I didn’t have enough money to cater for my needs”, the man explained. Now he is planning to buy a new house because he is tired of paying monthly rent and the house he is living in is not that big to accommodate him and his family. He wants to see his family living in a nice house and driving a nice car. After matching the Swiss Lotto winning numbers, his life changed for the better.

Business Plans With the Money

The 63-year-old who has three children is planning to open a business for each of the children so that they earn their own living. He also wants to open several wholesale shops of various products so that he increases his income every month. Although the money is a lot, he does not want to stay without investing because it is through investments that people have unending wealth. Swiss Lotto changed his life completely, and now he is planning to become a landlord as well.

Will He Continue Playing the Game?

He was very clear on his decision as to whether he will continue playing the game or not. Since he used a certain strategy to select the numbers, he said he will continue to play the game because his instincts are positive that one day he will win the big prizes. He is now planning to make it a family game and every family member will be purchasing more than one ticket to enhance their winning chances. He said the Swiss Lotto jackpot is very fair and generous and they can turn someone into a millionaire anytime.

The bottom line is that the man pocketed the jackpot alone without any other winners to share the jackpot with. He advised people that winning can come any time so people should not give up on playing the game because they never know when their fate will favor them. This is a game of luck which means you cannot knowingly predict the outcomes, but you can prepare before selecting your combinations so as to increase your winning chances. Make sure that you buy more than two tickets to increase your chances of winning prizes.

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